Zion: a car with solar cells and moss in the dashboard


Sono Motors is a German start-up company, and their product is the Sion, a car that draws additional energy directly from the sun and has bright green moss planted inside for better air quality.

It is, of course, about a special type of moss, which not only ensures adequate humidity inside the car, but is also able to filter for 20 % more small dust particles compared to standard air filters. And don't worry, you'll never have to water it, because practically he takes care of himself. Sono Motors it is Zion almost completely covered with solar cells. In order for this solar idea to come to life, a few basic things had to be thought of first. The structure of such a car should be very light, which they succeeded in using polycarbonate, of which most are made Zion. It is an extremely light material that does not scratch or crush and is also suitable for protecting solar cells from scratches and impacts.

However, only solar cells for propulsion Zion they are not enough. You can list quite a few on the car 330, but with their combined powers, they are only able to produce as much energy as there is in one day Zion spend for approx 30 kilometers of driving. The problem with only solar energy was solved with battery installation, which enables driving at a distance of up to 250 kilometers and it can also be quickly filled. Siona can also be used as an angle huge portable battery, to which you can connect all electrical things, which is especially useful when camping or some kind of Robinson vacation.


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