Skai: A plane that leaves only water vapor behind

Skai is a plane that leaves only water vapor behind. Why? The necessary energy is obtained with the help of hydrogen fuel cells.

How to deal with two problems at the same time: excessive traffic pollution and constant traffic jams? Company response Alaka'i is in Sky, to the plane without greenhouse gas emissions. It is a kind of large drone s six rotors, which they drive electric motors. Electricity is obtained by Skai with help hydrogen fuel cells. So the only thing Skai leaves out is steam.

A full tank of hydrogen will be sufficient for 644 kilometers one-way flights. There will be no need for long runways as the Skai will take off vertically. He will be able to pilot himself from the cabin, distance or in mode autopilot. V spacious and take a look the cabin will have room for 5 people, and it will take care of the additional safety of passengers a parachute built into the fuselage. Pricing for the Skai has yet to be revealed, but it certainly won't be cheap. However, the company has a vision of starting mass production, which would make such planes significantly cheaper in the future.

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