Solectrike - "Bike" in a slightly different way

The idea behind Solectrik is simply so good that we can only wish to see it live as soon as possible. The concept of bike sharing will thus be completely new, and Solectrike is more than an ideal solution for seaside towns.

System Soelectric it works similarly to the well-known bike exchange schemes. With this difference, yes Solectrik drives Electricity and it is possible to disassemble into two parts. One could say “drive part", and to the other "beach part". Imagine that you borrow a bike in the city and ride it to the nearby beach. Driving is due to the electric drive pleasant and rightly so nothing tiring. And when you arrive at the beach, it's there waiting for you charging station Soelectric. You park the "drive part" on it, which is charged while you are on the beach. You take the "beach part" with you, as it offers seat and lampshade. The shade collects solar energy, which supplies mini fridge or any other electronic devices. This way, even on the beach, you have the comfort that a normal bicycle does not provide.

Seaside towns are usually criss-crossed with narrow streets where cars are more of a nuisance than an asset. In this case, the wheels are more than ideal solution, especially if it is a bike that accompanies you to the beach. The idea is definitely worthy of praise and it certainly has great potential.


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