STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike: electric drive for extreme enduro adventures

Adrenaline ride without limits

STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike
Photo: STRIX

Meet the STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike - the ultimate choice for all fans of extreme riding. This electric enduro motorcycle, produced by a Slovenian company, combines power, durability and ecological friendliness in one unforgettable experience.

The world of electric motorcycles is developing rapidly, especially in the field of urban transport. However, it does STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike gives way to a less explored field - off-road driving. This exceptional motorcycle, produced by the Slovenian company STRIX, offers superior power and durability that will satisfy even the most demanding riders. The fact that it has been tested by various armies around the world is particularly impressive, as it truly represents an excellent vehicle for rapid movements of special forces.

STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike boasts an engine that produces 70 kW (95 horsepower) and an astonishing 1050 Nm of torque. This allows the motorcycle to reach speeds of up to 130 km/h (80 mph). These figures are even more impressive when you consider that the motorcycle weighs only 118 kg (260 lbs), which is comparable to the best gasoline motorcycles in its class.

The motorcycle is equipped with a capacity battery 6.3 kWh, which allows up to 80 minutes of intensive off-road driving, 140 minutes of constant driving, up to an estimated 114 km of range. Charging is fast and efficient – you can charge the battery from 20% to 80% in just 10 minutes, ideal for long-term adventures. In addition, the battery is removable and allows for easy replacement in the field.

Photo: STRIX

The STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike is equipped with different riding modes that can be adjusted via a smart app. Eco, Custom and Sport modes are available, allowing power and responsiveness to be adjusted according to terrain and driver preferences. Thus, every driver can find the optimal settings for their driving.

The frame of the motorcycle is made of chrome-molybdenum steel, which ensures strength and light weight. The front suspension is by Showa and the rear by Ohlins, both systems are fully adjustable, allowing for precise adjustment to different terrains. The motorcycle is also completely waterproof with IP68 certification, which means it can be driven through water without any problems.

The motorcycle's electric drive ensures silent operation, which is ideal for military operations, as it allows an undetected approach. In addition, the motorcycle operates at lower temperatures than gasoline engines, which reduces the possibility of detection by thermal sensors.

STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike is a true technological marvel that combines military technology with exceptional performance and environmental friendliness. This motorcycle is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an unforgettable off-road ride without compromise. With multiple driving modes and an advanced customization app, it's suitable for drivers of all skill levels.

Photo: STRIX

If you're looking for an adventure that combines strength, endurance and environmental awareness, it is STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike the right choice for you. Proudly manufactured in Slovenia, this motorcycle represents the pinnacle of domestic innovation and engineering.

Price and availability

The price of the STRIX Electric Hard Enduro Bike is 15,820 euros, which includes high-tech equipment and durable components. A deposit of 500 euros is required to secure your motorcycle, and the rest is paid upon delivery. That means the total cost for this awesome motorcycle 15,320 euros upon final payment. Considering its superior performance and military-grade technology, this price is more than justified for extreme driving enthusiasts and professionals.

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