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Xiaomi has recently become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and with a flood of interesting models in the recent period, it continues its offensive to take the throne of smartphone manufacturers. He intends to do this before the end of this year. One of its main assets for this venture is the phone we have in the test - the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G is, as the name suggests, a "light" version of a surprisingly ultimate phone Mi 11 Ultra. A smartphone that shook the technological world with various technical ultimate signs. And put him on the throne according to the "numbers" of performances. That is why he offers himself and promises that the younger brother in the family should not fall too far behind and thus offers similar trump cards. Namely, as mentioned, Xiaomi offers a large number of models under different brands - Mi, Redmi and Poco Phone. There are already almost 60 phones or models in the range. But with each one, they strive to highlight what "sets them apart" from the competition in their own way.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G it is therefore a phone that wants to "surpass" all competitors in the middle and lower price range, and that is why it is a little better than them in terms of characteristics in all segments, or rather it creates this kind of impression.

VIDEO: Unboxing Mi 11 Lite 5G

Perhaps it should be pointed out at this point that there are two "Lite" models. Lite 5G and only Lite, which differ mainly in processor and price. The family also includes the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra models.

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Interesting design - Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

If we were to organize a beauty pageant, we definitely would Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G won the first prize. Namely, it does not lack design trumps. Let us point out that it is the thinnest smartphone that supports 5G technology, it is designed in such a way that it is extremely thin and light. At Xiaomi, they took the word "lite" literally and only weighed 158g, which is an excellent result at a time when phones exceed 230g. So, it is really light in the hands of the user, and due to its slim build, it will fit in any trouser pocket. Otherwise Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G it is not the smallest phone, but ranks among medium-sized phones with a screen diagonal of 6.55 inches. The front part is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 generation, while the back side is in a glass matte material that is extremely resistant to fingerprints and on which nothing is visible. Excellent! We also praise the cutout for the camera, which is designed interestingly, but above all does not protrude too much from the phone itself. It hides as many as three lenses, more on that later. The general impression of the design is also rounded off by the Xiaomi MIUI interface, which is a nice version of Android with some of its own interesting solutions. Design ones too. So, on the design side, it surprises in fact at every "touch".

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Display technologies - Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

Smartphone screens are a key detail and always round off the overall impression of a phone. So at Xiaomi, they didn't skimp and dedicated this phone to display excellence in its price range. It is a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen that shines up to 800 nits, supports HDR10 technology and is capable of refreshing up to 90HZ. Otherwise, it supports the usual FHD resolution in the ratio of 20:9, which is the standard of this class of smartphones. The bottom line is that the phone has pleasant contrasts, brightness and impresses when used, even with details and fast refresh. It is also a pleasure to play games on it, the playability of which is excellent and "smooth" due to the high refresh rate.

Under the hood – Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

The developers at Xiaomi rolled up their sleeves and created an almost perfect combination of components that forms one of the better price-performance combinations at the moment. Of course, they were limited by the phone's price range and a bunch of parameters, but they managed to make a smartphone that you won't miss at all. For the heart, they chose this year's processor s 5 nm the technology that carries the label Snapdragon 780G and somehow an 8-core processor that supports the 5G data transfer standard and is a processor just below the top of Qualcomm's range. The latter is accompanied by the Adreno 642 GPU unit, which, compared to last year's complementary graphics, is much more powerful and thus enables carefree playing of even the most demanding mobile games. Depending on the desired configuration, the phone has 6 to 8 GB of working memory and 128 GB or 256 GB of internal data storage. It also supports Hybrid Dual SIM, which means that you will be able to add either an additional SIM or additional memory. There is also an NFC contactless standard and an IR port, which means that it can also serve as a remote control. The phone officially also has the standard IP53, which assured you that even if you get caught in a summer shower, your phone will not suffer more serious consequences. For the price range, this is perfectly adequate waterproofing. Everything is driven by a 4250 mAh battery, which enables fast charging with 33W. You will consume the phone multimedia from two speakers in stereo technology. Due to the extremely elegant design of the phone, the developers did not decide on a "plug" for headphones, but they still added a suitable adapter in the box. So in terms of hardware, it is definitely an excellent product for its price range.

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Photo and video surprising - Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G

We definitely expect a smartphone to serve as a "camera" and it is often one of the main selling attributes. That's why Xiaomi didn't skimp and brought both "hardware" and software to an enviable level when we talk about the price category in which the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G is. Here also with a phone rating DXOmark it undercuts most of the segment's direct competitors. Basically, a trio of cameras await on the back of the phone. The primary serves with 64 MP, f/1.8 and 26mm wide angle, in addition there is an 8 MP, f/2.2, ultra wide camera, and a macro camera that has 5 MP. The main camera is excellent and is sufficient for practically 90 percent of all situations and is the main asset of this smartphone. The other two cameras keep her company when necessary and are conditionally useful due to the smaller set of MPs. But this is the case with most smartphones in this segment. Even more important than dry numbers are the feelings of the photographer when handling the phone. The interface is intuitive. But there is also the possibility of manual handling and professional settings, which is more than welcome. It also performs excellently when recording video, which is surprisingly well stabilized and can be captured with a maximum resolution of 4K@30fps. On the front, we find a camera of its own, which manages to take excellent photos with its 20 MP, f/2.2, 27mm wide-angle lens. Unfortunately, it captures video only up to 1080p60fps. But the latter will be sufficient for most users.

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How it performs in practice - Xiaomi Mi 11 Light 5G

We had fun with the phone for the last two weeks and ran various "benchmark" tests and were pleasantly surprised by the good results, which are better than direct competitors. The credit goes to the balanced components somehow. The 780 chip and fast LPDDR4X working memory, which is accompanied by a greatly improved GPU unit. All in all, with the MIUI interface, it works quickly and without any lags. We ran games such as Call of Duty on the phone, where we did not detect any gameplay problems, mainly due to the very responsive touch screen, which invites you to play. Speaking of gaming, we definitely have to touch on the durability of the battery, which is sufficient and, as expected, lasts the whole day without hesitation. But when we connect it to the charger, it is charged from zero to 57 percent in just half an hour. This will definitely be enough to get you through the whole day. Thus, we have absolutely no comments on the "energy" side of this phone, despite the fact that the phone has one of the smaller batteries that the manufacturer currently uses in its range of smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G it excels in its class and, like its bigger brother, the Mi 11 Ultra, delivers a strong message and drive to succeed. Xiaomi has set itself the goal of becoming number 1 among all smartphone manufacturers in the world. And that's also why it has to offer the absolute best in every smartphone category. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Light is just that – the ultimate low-cost device, for which you will pay around 320 euros and with which you can satisfy all the challenges of everyday life. And this is precisely its main magic. So, if you are looking for a phone that offers the most value for money - then the Xiaomi Mi 11 Light is the right choice.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
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