The best ideas for Easter parties: the colors will be strong and the patterns will be visible

The best ideas for Easter parties: the colors will be strong and the patterns will be visible

Get ready for the most joyful and colorful holiday of this spring in style! These are top ideas for Easter parties, where the colors will be strong and the patterns will be visible. Happy to work.

Coloring Easter cakes is easy frustrating, if the final result is different, as you expected. If you want to achieve strong colors and visible patterns, you will have to follow certain rules, before choosing the ideas we've collected in continuation.

Before starting to paint, it is recommended that eggs at room temperature. It is also desirable to choose such that are white color. If you can't find them in a nearby store, you can whiten. The eggs will be more beautiful colored, if they will snow white.

If you are going to dye the fur with artificial dyes, it is important to take into account manufacturer's instructions, so what should be the ratio between colors and water. Supposedly, you can also strengthen the dye by making it dissolve in a cup of apple cider vinegar, which will ensure that the paint adheres more strongly egg shell.

Add to the water in which you will cook the eggs a spoonful of salt and vinegar. Leave boiled eggs for a long time in colors, if you want richly colored pires. Turn the eggs while they cook soaked in dye.


Pastel pies with cream


  • 12 boiled eggs
  • vinegar
  • food coloring
  • whipping cream


Transfer the boiled eggs to the bowl with the vinegar. Soak them for two minutes, then wipe them well with towels. Place the baking paper on the tray, spread the cream on it. Sprinkle the food coloring over the cream and mix it with a small stick to create a marble pattern.

Roll the eggs in the dye and cream and let them stand for 15 minutes. With gloves, wash them under water and wipe with a towel.

Marble eggs with a metallic shade


  • egg dye
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • alcoholic vinegar


Dip a kitchen towel in a bowl of vinegar and use it to wipe each egg thoroughly. In another container, prepare the egg dye as per the instructions. Add a tablespoon of oil to it. Wait for circles of oil to form in the bowl.

Place the egg in a spoon and dip it in the paint - you will get beautiful "marbled" eggs with a metallic shade, which you can then wipe well with a towel. You can also decorate the pies with powdered food coloring.

Gilded eggs


  • boiled and dyed eggs
  • gilded leaves


Rub the gilded leaves well into the eggs to create a gilded print.

A top trick for dyeing eggs with napkins


  • egg dye
  • paper towels
  • ear sticks


Boil the eggs. How many bowls you will need depends on how many different colors you will use in decorating the pirhs. If you decide on four color combinations, then prepare four smaller bowls. Add a teaspoon of egg dye to each bowl, then cover with boiling water. Mix the ingredients well.

Wrap each egg with paper, on which you will spray colors. Dip each ear stick in the paint and then tap it on a paper towel. Apply the paint until the towel is completely wet with the paint.

Let the eggs rest for a few minutes, then unwrap them from the towel and dry them well.


  • Wrap the eggs in a mesh bag made of potatoes, onions, lemons, oranges... tie each egg well and cook in colored water.
  • Brush the boiled egg with liquid glue and roll it into glitter.
  • Lightly scratch a boiled egg that has not colored well with a metal sponge.

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