The first non-rectangular football pitch in the world

Unusual Football Field

Who says football pitches only have to be rectangular? The first football field in the world, which is not rectangular in shape, is called Unusual Football Field and is located in crowded Bangkok (Thailand), which does not have a centimeter of free space anymore, because it is built up to the last corner. In reality, there is a lot of space, but it is asymmetrical, poorly utilized or abandoned areas trapped between buildings. These are now being turned into football pitches, although some corners are far from the size of classic football pitches.

Bangkok is an extremely crowded Thai city where people live 8 million people. Even more telling is the fact that 5,300 people live per square kilometer. That's it three times more than in Ljubljana (1708 per pop./km2). As a result, it is built to the last corner. But that didn't stop Ap Thailand from enriching the city with something new soccer field.

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Football is in Thailand the number one sport and many children and young people want to play it in their free time. However, since the city is tight with space, they had to find a way and the concept of Unusual Football Field was born (it grew out of the idea of Think Space, which encourages the transformation of unused areas within the city into football fields, even if they are not rectangular in shape, but still allow fair the game). The first atypical football pitch (located in the Khlong Toei area) has the shape of the letter L.

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