The hottest hotels in Europe right now: check out the selection of new hotels in 2023

Photo: EDITION Hotels

These are the hottest hotels in Europe right now! Check out 5 new hotels, from Italy to Germany.

Vocabolo Moscatelli, Italy

Design hotel, which is located between the walls of the renovated Umbrian monastery, is located in the very heart of green Italy. The hotel is surrounded by a 2.5-hectare property covered with a manicured lawn, which provides guests with a great deal of privacy and opportunities to spend time outdoors. The hotel offers 12 rooms with ancient stone walls that combine modern art and design. The beds are the work of a famous ironworker who created minimalist silhouettes that resemble an art installation rather than a bed. A true feast for the eyes are the culinary masterpieces of the hotel chef, who brings the flavors of the Middle East and Asia to the traditional part of Italy.


Madrid EDITION, Spain

For a long time, the Spanish capital did not have to boast of any concrete hotel, but the situation has changed in the last five years. The proof is also the Madrid Edition, which also stands out from the luxury competition. Housed in a building that once served as the headquarters of the local bank in the Plaza de Celenque, the hotel is entered through ornate 18th-century granite doors crafted by Pedro de Rivera himself. Every element of the hotel is designer, as carefully selected pieces of furniture and well-planned compositions of colors and lighting dominate. On the ground floor, chef Enrique Olvera reigns supreme with a restaurant that eschews fashionable sophisticated cuisine and presents a modern interpretation of traditional Mexican cuisine.


Vermelho Hotel Melides, Portugal

Twelve years ago, Christian Louboutin injured himself in his home in Comporta, and on his way to the hospital he passed through Melides, a picturesque and small Portuguese village. It was love at first sight! So he decided to buy an old fisherman's house, which he turned into a quiet vacation spot - an oasis of design and peace. Vermelho is the work of Portuguese architect Madalena Caiado, and it is an eclectic, extravagant and curious design that also attracts visitors due to its impeccable taste. This is a mix of Spanish and Portuguese traditional design, with accents of white and blue, typical of this area of coastal Portugal.


Château Royal Berlin, Germany

Chateau Royal in the heart of Berlin is a true beacon of sophistication and design. This boutique hotel combines contemporary design with timeless elegance to create an ambiance that exudes luxury and comfort. Every corner of the hotel is decorated with tasteful details and thoughtfully curated works of art, displaying a harmonious fusion of classic and contemporary styles. From stylishly furnished guest rooms to inviting common areas, every corner of Chateau Royal is a testament to great aesthetic expression. There is not even a cuisine made of flies. The hotel boasts an exceptional gastronomic offer, where experienced chefs prepare culinary masterpieces from the best seasonal ingredients. Indulge in a palette of pleasant flavors, as the menu seamlessly combines international influences with regional specialties.

Capelongue, France

At first glance, this hilly property, spread over 5 acres, looks like an ancient farm brought to life. A closer look reveals a new accommodation gem of the French countryside. Capelongue, an immaculate neo-Provençal residence with 57 bedrooms and 19 suites, was only built a decade ago, and in 2020 it came under the ownership of the Beaumier hotel chain, which embarked on a two-year renovation. Capelongue's inviting rustic stone bistro La Bergerie, set above a garden of blooming white oleander, excels at Mediterranean cuisine in a Provençal style. There is also the La Bastide restaurant, awarded with a Michelin star, which will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

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