The Load: a multifunctional electric cargo bike

What did bikes not have (until now) that cars have? Besides of course the steering wheel, gear lever, airbags and dashboard? The answer we're looking for is a large trunk. Many times we find ourselves wanting to go on a trip by bike, but we don't know where to go with the stuff we have to take with us. Well, from now on, these worries will be unnecessary, as The Load electric bike comes to our rescue.

Well, we've seen baskets and bags on the sides many times before, a bike The Load has something those bikes don't - electric motor. With it, we also overcome slopes, and if we are weighed down, this is an excellent solution. With a suspension system Control Technology will be our ride comfortable and safe even on bumpy roads and there is no fear of having to pick up the load from the ground all the time. Your bike will be at speed 25 km/h and what 300 % power helped drive Bosch an electric motor that is considered one of  most reliable on the market. Thanks to technology DualBattery, the battery capacity is just 1000 watt hours. Monitoring of travel information is enabled by standard screen Intuvia or payable Nyon. The Load is not only suitable for transporting bags, boxes and similar cargo, but also transports children. Two 5-pointers seat belts they will enable your children to ride safely and comfortably, and if you get caught in the rain in the middle of the ride, it's still there Cordura roof, due to which you will arrive at your destination with dry luggage or to the children.

Prices start at the good ones 5000 euros, depending on which model you choose.


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