The most accurate horoscope: Get to know the Tibetan horoscope and discover your key virtues

Vuiku Tibetan horoscope with only 4 signs

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In a world where astrology is often based on twelve signs, the Tibetan horoscope stands out for its uniqueness and accuracy. The Vuiku, an ancient Tibetan horoscope, contains only four signs, yet it offers extremely deep insight into our personality and destiny. These ancient, mystical writings have helped people through the ages to understand their inner strength and key virtues. In this article, you will find out which sign you belong to and what this revelation brings to you. Get ready to journey into the world of ancient wisdom and learn the truth about yourself as you have never known it before.

In the heart of the Himalayas, between the peaks, there is a land surrounded by myths and legends.  In this mystical environment, where tradition intertwines with spirituality, a special form of astrology was born Vuiku. This astrological system, which was created thousands of years ago between Tibetan monks, is deeply rooted in Buddhist beliefs and is unique in that it combines the earthly and the spiritual, revealing the destinies of individuals through the four astrological signs.

The Vuiku horoscope, unlike its western and eastern counterparts, it does not cover the entire range of astrological signs, but instead focuses on four that are symbolically associated with divine beings and natural elements. Each sign hides the depths of characteristics that have been carefully observed and written down by the sages, who lived in solitude and pondered the laws of the universe.

In the Vuiku horoscope, the fundamental qualities and life directions for individuals born in certain periods of the year.

Sages of Tibet. Photo: Uang Nguyen Vinh / Pexels

A spider

Months of birth: January, February, March

Spiders are people full of vitality and robust health, which allows them to often achieve extraordinary success in life, both professionally and financially.

Despite their success, they are known for their unusual attitude towards money; they like to spend it on various pleasures such as lavish parties, travel and shopping, which sometimes leaves them with no funds at the end of the month.

An ant

Months of birth: April, May, June

People born under the sign of the ant are valued for their hard work and exceptional ability to organize. In Buddhist culture, the ant is a symbol of perseverance and tireless effort.

Are you an ant? Photo: Michael Willinger / Pexels

These individuals are highly respected in their workplaces and are known to generously share their earnings with family and friends whom they truly love.


Months of birth: July, August, September

Scorpio in the Tibetan horoscope symbolizes strength, insight and justice. Born in the summer months, these people often enjoy good physical and mental health, which contributes to their longevity.

According to Tibetan teachings, when Scorpios experience health problems, they are most often related to the digestive system. In love and career they are very successful, and their natural charisma makes them magnetic to the people around them.


Months of birth: October, November, December

Turtles, according to Buddhist teachings, represent the most vulnerable sign. They are prone to health problems, which often forces them to abandon bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

A turtle? Photo: Daniyal Ghanavati / Pexels

In love relationships, turtles are prone to jealousy, but this does not reduce their ability to establish strong and lasting relationships. Their main virtue is patience, thanks to which they are able to maintain long-term relationships with one person.

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