Microsoft Build 2024: New AI functions and collaborations - is this the beginning of a "new era"?

New AI-powered PCs and AI features in Windows

Microsoft Build 2024
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled a range of new AI features and products at its multi-day Microsoft Build 2024 event, including Team Copilot, Copilot Studio and 53 Vision. The company also announced partnerships with Devin AI and Khan Academy, and introduced new features for Azure and GitHub Copilot.

At its Microsoft Build 2024 event, Microsoft unveiled a range of new AI features and products that promise to improve user experience and productivity. Among the most important announcements are new AI-powered PCs, many AI features in Windows, and new products such as Team Copilot, Copilot Studio and 53 Vision. Additionally, they also unveiled new partnerships with Devin AI and Khan Academy.

53 Vision and new models 53

Microsoft unveiled 53 Vision, a new multimodal model with 4.2 billion parameters that can understand and analyze images and text. In addition, they introduced two new models: 53 Small (7 billion parameters) and 53 Medium (14 billion parameters). These models allow AI to be used directly on devices without the need for a cloud connection, improving the effectiveness and accessibility of AI.

GPT-4 in Azure AI

Microsoft has announced that GPT-4, the latest model of OpenAI, will be available in Azure AI Studio. This allows developers to quickly and easily integrate AI functions into their applications, including analyzing and generating text, audio and images.

Team Copilot

Team Copilot is an extension of the existing Copilot that enables the collaboration of the entire team. It is integrated with Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams and Loop and can act as a meeting moderator, note taker and project manager.

Copilot Studio

Copilot Studio allows users to create their own AI agents that can perform tasks independently. These agents can automate time-consuming processes such as data entry and onboarding of new employees without the need for constant user intervention.

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is an integrated data analytics platform that combines various services such as data engineering, data warehousing, and real-time analytics. The platform enables the management and analysis of data from various sources, including the cloud and local data centers.

GitHub Copilot Extensions

GitHub Copilot now supports extensions for external platforms such as Azure, Docker, MongoDB, and Stripe. These extensions allow developers to manage various functions of their projects through an AI assistant without leaving their work environment.

Recall function in Windows

Recall is a new feature that records all user activity on the computer, including web browsing, video calls and text input. This feature allows users to easily find past content, but it also raises privacy concerns.

New partnerships on the horizon

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Devin AI, which will enable the integration of their autonomous AI agent that assists with coding into Azure. Devin is designed to help developers with repetitive tasks such as re-platforming applications. Microsoft has partnered with Khan Academy to launch an AI assistant that will be available for free to all teachers in the US. This assistant will help prepare lesson plans, grade assignments, and monitor student progress.

Conclusion: Microsoft already has a big advantage over Apple and Google?!

Microsoft's Build 2024 event unveiled a range of new AI features and products that promise to improve user experience and productivity. With the introduction of new models, platforms and collaborations, AI is becoming more accessible and useful for developers and users around the world. Microsoft seems to be leading the AI race right now, but the competition between them, Google and Apple will continue to drive innovation and improvement in this area.

What do you think of all these innovations? Do you think Microsoft currently has a competitive advantage over Google and Apple? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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