The mystical world of dream numerology: What do numbers mean in dreams?

Kaj pomenijo številke v sanjah?
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Have you dreamed of numbers and are you interested in their meaning? Numbers in dreams represent the symbolism and meaning of numbers that can be related to various aspects of life. We checked what individual numbers mean in dreams.

Surely you have ever asked yourself, what do numbers mean in dreams. Some believe that they represent symbols or messages that your unconscious mind wants to send. In general, however, there is no uniform meaning, as the interpretation may vary depending on the person who dreams. For example, some people believe that the number three in a dream can represent harmony, balance, or spiritual unity, while others believe it represents unity, wholeness, and perfection.

It is also important to consider other elements in the dream, such as places, people, objects and events, as these elements can help clarify the meaning of numbers in dreams.

But in general, you can different numbers in dreams symbolize different things, such as money, success, changes, challenges, happiness, fears and the like. In any case, it is important to analyze your dreams based on your own feelings, because only then can you find the right interpretation of your dreams.

What do individual numbers mean in dreams?


It is a perfect symbol, without beginning or end. It symbolizes ideals. For example, the number 70 can symbolize spiritual ideals.


The number 1 symbolizes the male principle. It shows the need to develop individuality and creativity or selfishness in relation to the object of the dream.



It symbolizes balance, sharing, give and take, two-way communication. Number two is essential, important. It is in a way symbolic, prophetic. It indicates a community, e.g. number two also refers to marriage, twins, a couple of something, etc.


This number is always associated with giving, teaching, swearing, obligation and as such it can be classified in the category: "I need". It refers to the mind, body, and spirit, and requires the dreamer to make a commitment in mind, body, and spirit to perfect himself in the direction he began in the dream.


The number 3 usually appears in dreams or in people who have closed their hearts to other people. The triangle or pyramid also symbolizes submission and submission.


This number symbolizes a limitation. For example, chasing a number 4 bus in a dream can mean that the dreamer is limiting his life path with his actions and thoughts. A box or a square also means limitation, some kind of closure, rigidity.


It symbolizes sensuality and sexuality, 5 senses, karma (literary meaning of lessons learned on the basis of 5 senses).



Inside, it symbolizes faith, pride, love, forgiveness, compassion and the like.


This number always indicates spiritual enlightenment.


This number is a symbol of perfect balance (imagine it in a horizontal position — the sign of infinity) and symbolizes development, expansion through balance (the symbol of infinity is equal balance). It also appears in dreams as a circular system (the figure eight consists of two circles).



This number is not common in dreams and indicates that the dreamer is extremely spiritually developed or above average rich in spirit. Dreaming about this number means that he is following his life path correctly, or he is following a spiritual path, and that he is aware of the value of life, so that at the end of his life he will be aware of all the important lessons.


The number ten symbolizes completion, roundness, wholeness, finality, community.

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