The prestigious Ritz-Carlton hotel chain has its first "yacht" hotel

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After a long wait, the luxury yacht Evrima has finally set sail on its first cruise. One of the most anticipated luxury ships of the last few years welcomed its first guests and set sail for the first time in the wider world. We took a look inside the Ritz-Carlton yacht Evrima and found out what makes it different from the others.

The highly anticipated superyacht Evrima took 298 passengers with "fat wallets" on a magical journey from Barcelona to Nice in mid-October. The destination, however, is not the reason why the five guests decided to sail.

Evrima is truly something special. Sleek, contemporary design and luxurious materials, as well as personalized service and a menu created by a three-Michelin-starred chef, make the first ship of the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain unique in the world.

Four swimming pools and a spa center

The luxury ship offers passengers incomparably more space than any other ship to date. The guest rooms are equipped with double beds, luxurious bathrooms with bathtub, shower and double sink, and each room also has a private outdoor "terrace" with a view of the sea and a massage pool.

To ensure guests the highest level of privacy, the yacht has as many as four swimming pools, while enjoying premium cocktails and light snacks while enjoying lounge chairs by the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The offer also includes a spa center and a children's program "Ritz Kids" with a playroom for the youngest.

The ship's main restaurant offers menus inspired by central destinations. The five-course menu was created by the chef Sven Elverfeld from Aqua restaurant with three Michelin starsiv at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Wolfsburg, Germany. There is also an excellent Asian restaurant and sushi bar, and room service is available all day and night.

Cruise prices range from 1,000 euros per person per night, and in some special packages even a few euros less. In the first year of sailing, Evrima will sail in the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas, offering guests packages with seven or ten nights.

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