These are 10+ things to do if someone is deliberately ignoring you

You're in love with someone who ignores you!

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Is someone ignoring you on purpose? Are you head over heels in love, but your crush answers calls and texts like a refrigerator – not at all? They don't like you on Instagram, avoid your Snapchat stories, and act like they'd rather avoid you than say hello on the street? If you're wondering what to do when someone intentionally leaves you in their emotional vacuum, you've come to the right place. Do not despair, this is also part of the human tragicomedy. Here are 11 things you can do when someone puts you on the emotional fridge.

Ah, modern love, where the exciting jumble of emoticons and constant connectivity via digital networks brings new forms of heartache. One of these is certainly willful ignoring, which can plunge us into a vortex of confusion and despair. What to do when you become invisible to someone who was close to you yesterday? When your message remains marked as 'read' and your calls as 'missed' forever? This article is for all of you who have found yourself in the cold embrace of silence. We'll show you how to deal with digital silence so you can come out stronger, whether you end up settling or just accepting that it's time to move on. Get ready for 11 steps that will teach you how to gracefully plow through the silence of someone who willfully ignores you.

1. Stay 'cool'

Even though it may sting like nettles, keep calm. Spontaneous outbursts of anger can only make you feel like you've just won the competition for the worst time to express your feelings. Instead, take a deep breath and count to ten – in Spanish if necessary!

2. Check if the ignoring is really intentional

Before you light your torches and pull out your pitchfork, make sure you're being deliberately ignored. Maybe they're just busy, lost their phone, or had their Facebook profile temporarily hijacked by aliens. If you're sure it's being ignored on purpose, consider whether you want to solve this mystery or focus on Netflix instead.

3. Consider the causes of their behavior

It's possible that your recent actions have been like a clog in their shoe - disturbing and painful. They may be trying to tell you in their slightly passive-aggressive way that you need to reflect on your actions, which is sometimes more complicated than assembling an Ikea in the dark.

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4. Give them time and space

If you haven't been able to find out why they are ignoring you, give them some space. If they continue to avoid all contact after that, it might be time to accept that they might just be another missed call in your phone book.

5. Control your emotions

Don't let your emotions drag you down the roller coaster without seat belts. Accept them, but at the same time keep them under control as your inner emotional pet.

6. Focus on yourself

When someone is deliberately ignoring you, turn the focus on yourself. Restore your self-esteem and self-esteem. Treat yourself to the love that others may deny you and recharge your batteries for new life victories.

7. Pamper yourself

Don't let being ignored stop you from feeling fantastic! Pamper yourself like the king or queen that you are. Order that massage, buy those expensive chocolates or just wrap yourself in a blanket and watch all the episodes of your favorite series.

8. Don't play games

While ignoring may seem like a part of some kind of emotional chess, don't play these games. Maintain your dignity and self-respect; nothing is worth getting lost in someone else's tossing and turning.

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9. Don't make it a competition

Ignoring should not be an Olympic sport. In healthy relationships, there is no room for competition in ignoring - it is won through dialogue and mutual support.

10. Express your feelings clearly
If you feel brave enough, invite them to talk. Don't bombard them with texts, but rather choose a moment for an honest conversation. Tell them how you feel without expecting everything to be fixed right away.

11. If nothing works, back off

Sometimes the best cure for constant ignoring is simple – withdrawal. If someone insists on ignoring your efforts, it may be time to leave that person behind and focus on people who appreciate your presence.

Someone is ignoring you on purpose?! Being ignored can hurt, but how you respond can make all the difference. Don't let this get you down - use it as an opportunity for personal growth and smile at the challenges ahead.

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