This program can destroy your washing machine - that's why it starts rattling and jumping!

This washing program may damage your appliance

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A quick wash program is a lifesaver when we are in a hurry and have a mountain of laundry waiting for us. However, this function is not always the best choice, as it can cause more harm than good, especially when washing heavier items such as towels. Read why experts advise caution when using this popular feature.

A quick wash program is great when we are pressed for time and have a load of laundry in front of us. However, experts warn that this program can cause problems if used too often, especially for heavier items of laundry.

An expert who shared his experience on TikTok pointed out several shortcomings of the fast wash program, which can negatively affect the functionality of the washing machine. The fast program is suitable for clothes made of lighter materials, but don't make it a habit.


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One of the main problems is washing heavier materials with a fast program, as this puts a lot of strain on the washing machine. Towels, which are usually very heavy when soaked, can damage the washing machine drum.

"When the washing machine runs very fast, the towels gather together and strain the drum. The washing machine starts rattling and moving," explained the expert.

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He added that it's better to select a cotton program that usually takes around two and a half hours and then press the speed setting to reduce the time to about an hour and a half. This approach allows the washing machine enough time to thoroughly clean the laundry without additional strain.

The expert also points out that a quick wash program often does not provide the same cleaning quality as longer programs. A quick program can mean less time for the detergent to dissolve and less time for rinsing, which can lead to detergent residue on clothes.

Although a quick wash program can be very convenient, it is recommended to avoid frequent use, especially for heavier items of laundry. Opt for a longer program with a quick cycle option to reduce washing time while ensuring thorough cleaning and preserving your washing machine.

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