Tomcar TX: a 'buggy' that has no equal

Tomcar TX

If the Tomcar is good enough for the Israeli army, by that logic, it will more than effectively handle 'lover' chases across sand dunes and challenging terrain.

Tomcar was initially designed for the needs of the Israeli army, but in its current form it is also available to civilians and is most likely one of the better ones field four-wheelers, that you can think of. TX is available in three versions namely two-seater TX3, with semi-truck-style caisson, four-seater TX4 and TX5, which represents a two-seater with a shorter wheelbase. TXs are almost 44 cm away from the ground, but depending on the model, they can carry a little more than 1,100 kilograms cargo. The chassis and safety cage are made with the most demanding terrain in mind, which is what Tomcar promises lifelong warranty. You can choose the drive gasoline, diesel, electric engine, hybrid the combination is only possible with the TX3 model. The starting price of TXs starts at approx 33,000 euros, which is tempting offer, all things considered capabilities, which Tomcar's TX offers.

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