TOP 7: Absurd food combinations that can be CRAZY tasty

Surely you have already come across the story of someone who enjoyed a piece of bread spread with pate and chocolate cream at the same time. Well, maybe you also 'invented' some combination that no one else would have touched otherwise. Yes, a hundred people, a hundred tastes and some of them have something really interesting. We present to you combinations of dishes that at first seem inedible, but are supposed to be the exact opposite.

1. Pasta, beef, pickles and burger sauce

Oops! It's hard to remember. The dish is supposed to taste like a Big Mac sandwich. If you're at home and you're craving a McDonald's specialty, pasta with the mentioned ingredients can be a great alternative.

2. McDonald's French fries and ice cream McFlurry

Fries with a McFlurry
Fries with a McFlurry

They're both great in their own way, aren't they? French fries dipped in ketchup or some other sauce. Mmmmm! For dessert, a McFlurry. Already seen and experienced a hundred times, right? How about trying both at the same time? If you dip the fries right into the McFlurry? Do it secretly at first, but if it turns out that you like it, then only boldly.

3. Toasted bread with peanut butter and milk spread

Peanut butter is more of an American dish, but even our stores are well stocked with it. When preparing this delicious dish, be careful because both spreads run away from the slice of bread very quickly, as they melt in an instant.

4. Coffee and Sriracha sauce

Coffee with Sriracha sauce
Coffee with Sriracha sauce

Sriracha hot chili sauce is part of Vietnamese cuisine and is paired with stir-fried noodles or used as a topping for spring rolls. Coffee is coffee. And when you mix them together, you get… well, yeah. Try it.

5. Pringles with mayonnaise

If we are going to dip chips somewhere, preferably in some kind of spicy sauce. Have you ever tried something else? Say mayonnaise? No? Come on!

6. Sandwich with instant soup noodles

Sandwich with soup noodles
Sandwich with soup noodles

Two pieces of bread, butter and a handful of boiled soup noodles or of 'non-profits'. No nutritional value, lots of hydrates and a bad conscience!

+ Roasted meat with mayonnaise

Baked meat and mayonnaise
Baked meat and mayonnaise

Perhaps of all the combinations, this one looks the most ordinary. Who among carnivores does not love roast meat? Be it on the grill or in the oven. In this part of the world, we are used to ajvar, lutenica and other vegetable dips, but we invite you to dip them in mayonnaise for a change.

So! If you are going to embark on any of the listed gourmet adventures, be careful. Take a small bite first and wait a minute. If everything is OK with you, then we wish you a good run. Well, if you have an author's recipe up your sleeve, we invite you to share it with us in the comments :)!

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