Unconventional charm: Is your partner an omega male?

Omega moški
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Here are 8 characteristics that make him special - he doesn't care what others think of him! He's an omega man!

Alpha and Omega stand out as two basic types of men. Alpha a man wants to stand out from the crowd and be the one everyone pays attention to. He tries to be the strongest, fastest, smartest and overall the best. He has an extremely developed competitive spirit and if you were to imagine a pack of wolves, he would be the leader of that pack.

Unlike alpha males se Omega they avoid risk and conflict, have similar self-confidence to alpha males, but do not need to be the center of attention. They are satisfied that they are not people who constantly need to stand out and do not have to compete with others to be the best.

What is an omega man like?

1. Introverted

Unlike an alpha male, he does not need to be the center of attention and does not try to communicate with everyone. He doesn't need all the attention and being in a crowd drains his energy, instead the omega male prefers to be alone. He recharges his batteries when he is in his element, not among people who prove who is better. He just doesn't care.

The Omega man is the one, the real man. Photo: Jeremy McKnight/Unsplash

2. Relaxed

Alpha male is extroverted, charismatic, tries to stand out in the best light, while omega is much more relaxed and strives for balance. He lets life take its course, tries to achieve what he wants, but doesn't bother himself.

3. Gentle

They are usually more gentle in relationships. They can be the ones who pat you on the back after a hard day at work. Or she will cuddle with you on the couch and watch your favorite movie. He has a gentle side that is especially attractive in a romantic relationship.

4. Friendly

The Omega Man isn't busy proving himself, so he's a bit more focused on other people. If you need someone to help you, advise you, someone to talk to, ask an omega man. He will help you not because he wants you to see him as a hero, but because he is kind.

5. An empath

Being empathetic means that a person can identify with what someone else is going through. The omega male has a much better ability to try to see reality through other people's eyes. This is not a trait that many have.

An alpha male prefers himself. Photo: Nathan Fertig/Unsplash

6. He likes deep relationships

Omega man will not have many friends. Being an introvert and preferring to spend time alone, he probably won't have a long list of friends on his social media accounts (if he has a social media presence at all). He likes long, deep conversations. He prefers to have trusted lifelong friends that he knows he can count on.

7. He wants to work alone

The omega man will have friends and close acquaintances, but he likes to work alone. Whether it's his profession or his personal level, he doesn't like to belong to a group. Above all, he likes to devote himself to something.

8. He has no ego problems

An alpha male is genuinely concerned about how others see him. That's why they always want to inflate their egos. This includes bragging about your achievements and everything that goes with it. But that doesn't matter to the omega man. They can still achieve as much as an alpha male or even more, but other people may never know. They won't post it on social media, they might not even tell their closest friends. He doesn't need recognition or notoriety to inflate his ego.

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