Vibram Hero: charging your smartphone battery by walking

Vibram Hero charger

Today, more than ever in mobile devices, we are interested in the autonomy of operation. This is mainly the problem of the manufacturers of powerful smartphones, which literally rely on energy to run out sooner than you would like. Of course, there are already many ways to extend the autonomy of phones and tablets, but none is as brilliant as the Vibram Hero (Harvesting of Energy in Rubber Outsole), a shoe device that allows you to charge your phone while walking!

Vibram Hero of the companies Vibram and InStep NanoPower is a system built in into the sole of the shoe, which enables charging your smartphone even while walking, as it converts mechanical movement into electrical energy. In conjunction with the Android mobile app, the phone connects to the system, stocked with advanced electronics, via a link Bluetooth, which tells your phone battery status, step count, current location, and even foot temperature.

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We can do the following with the produced energy. Either we use it to charge the smartphone or for warming up the legs. The only downside to the Hero system is that you'll have to walk straight eight hours, if you want to charge the battery to the top. The project is still in the development phase and it is not yet known when it will see the light of day.

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