Villas in Ljubno ob Savinja - opposites attract

Villas in Ljubno ob Savinja

Some time ago, an investor wanted to reconstruct two existing residential buildings in Ljubno ob Savinja by the Ljubnica river. Superform architects Marjan Pobolšaj, Anton Žižek, and Meta Žebre took the matter into their own hands and came up with an architectural solution that is absolutely fascinating. Houses with two different characters were created. The first is very traditional, "tight" and restrained, while the second is its complete opposite. She is bold, open and extroverted.

In the settlement Lovely by Savinja there are two houses, villas on one side the complete opposite, and according to the other, they complement each other. One is architecturally more restrained, as it leans on traditional houses from Savinjska dolina, while the other gives the feeling anchored ships. This one is also much more open and sovereign in its appearance and can boast of a living room, hall and dining room. In the second villa there is a kitchen, dressing room, bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms and a jacuzzi, so it is not surprising that he wants to adjust to the surroundings a little less and requests more privacy.

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The exterior philosophy flows into the interior as well.
The exterior philosophy flows into the interior as well.

Houses on a 420 m2 property they are like yin and yang, even when it comes to materials. It's the classic looking one from stone and wood, and the one with a modern look "made up" with glass, steel, wood and slate. And although so different, they are really just two aspects of one reality, because, as the yin yang philosophy says, one polarity creates the other. The garden under which he signed Matej Kučina, imitates the rippling of the river, and parallel waves create different environments: a wooden terrace, a swimming pool, a pond, an area with tall grass, etc. On the estate, no element of living was neglected, so it is not surprising that it was lighting carefully planned and otherwise under the eye Zdravka Krajacic (Arcadia Lightwear).

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