VOLLEBAK SOLAR: a jacket you won't miss in the dark

VOLLEBAK SOLAR: A jacket you won't miss in the dark.

Want to glow like Superman's kryptonite? You can, if you put on a Vollebak jacket. If you meet a movie hero in it, you probably won't cripple his health like kryptonite, but you'll be safe on the road as a pedestrian, which also counts for something, right?

A jacket Vollebak Solar consists of substance from phosphorus, which absorbs and stores light and then 'sends it back into the environment' when it gets dark.

So the jacket full of sunshine. If you walk in the sun for a few hours, you can shine even more 12 hours. Well, it is not even necessary to power the sun, daylight is enough. But if you keep it in a dark closet for a few days and go out late at night, it will be enough just to shine a flashlight into the jacket for a while. The Vollebak Solar jacket is suitable for all weather conditions, it will protect you from wind and rain. With their own 230 grams it is so convenient that you can carry it right in your pocket on a walk.

Pay attention, you might meet Superman after all. And if you do, take your jacket off out of consideration so you don't scare him. The price for the Vollebak Solar jacket is 325 euros.

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