What bothers one person about you, someone else will like

You wonder about the meaning of it all. Photo: Tamara Bellis / Unsplash

Breakups often bring many lessons. You look in different mirrors and you don't know what you see. Sometimes the best in you creates such a distorted image that your image in it looks like the worst version of you. Wondering who the person in the mirror is? What does this lesson mean?

You meet someone and wonder if you're going to push them away because you are who you are, because someone in front of them has shown you in every way that you're not enough, so you suspect that something is seriously wrong with you. Do you wonder if you are worthy of love, attention?

The pain made you very cautious and you think carefully before opening up again and showing your vulnerability, spontaneity, joy and sadness.

Maybe you've been hurt, disappointed, betrayed, cheated on. Maybe it's better not to take any more chances, to try something different. But what's different, how could you become someone you're not?

You get angry, and then you take risks again. You no longer distort your words and actions, you no longer hide your flaws, you no longer diminish your worth.

You say what you think and feel. You fight for what you believe in, but at the same time you are afraid of losing again.

It seems to you that the new person loves you for who you are. He is not afraid of your truth. Maybe you're scared because you've tried to do the right thing with the wrong people in the past.

This person likes everything that others did not. The thing that made someone uncomfortable because it wasn't what they expected from you, because you didn't fit their assumptions and ideas.

This person respects what someone else has taken for granted. It reminds you that there are not only role models, but also right and wrong people. It shows you that you didn't do anything wrong, you just fell in love with the wrong person.

You will find the right person. Photo: Devon Divine / Unspalsh

She will tell you everything you want to hear, but this time it won't be a lie. This time you have someone by your side who means what they say, who cares. This person wants to be a part of your world.

It's there when you need it, for things big and small. This person is showing you that all those past lessons where there was no love brought you to where you are. All the mistakes you made brought you closer to what is right, what you deserve.

You are where you need to be and you've come a long way to meet the person who reminded you that it's easy to love, understand and accept you.

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