What is sleep tourism: nothing will disturb your sleep in these hotels

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Sleep tourism, also known as "nap tourism", is a type of travel experience that involves paying to sleep in unusual or unique locations. The concept has become popular in recent years, with some hotels, hostels and even museums offering visitors the option of staying overnight in places not normally used for living.

What is sleep tourism? The idea of sleep tourism is to provide travelers with a unique and memorable experience that differs from traditional accommodations such as hotels and resorts. Some popular examples of sleep tourism include sleeping in tree house, yurt, igloo or even converted prison cells.

What is sleep tourism?

Sleeping tourism can be a great way to break up the monotony of traditional travel and create lasting memories. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all sleepover experiences are the same and some may not be as comfortable or safe as traditional accommodations.

But because we only want the best for you, we have found some traditional accommodations where they will take care of yours sleep and well-being. These are the hotels that will introduce you to what sleep tourism is.

Hästens Sleep Spa, Coimbra

Swedish mattress supplier Hästens, which makes some of the most luxurious and expensive mattresses in the world, has opened its very own Sleep Spa Hotel in Coimbra, Portugal. What makes the experience so special is that you sleep on a dream king mattress that mere mortals simply cannot afford.

Musician Drake once said, “I only love my bed and my mother,” so it's no wonder he sleeps on a $395,000 bed designed by Hästens.


Four Seasons Resort Bali, Sayan

Four Season Resort Bali at Sayan is a lush five-star resort in the jungles of the Sayan Valley. It is a popular refuge among celebrities who, like other mortals, seek undisturbed sleep here. The specialty of the hotel is the offer of Life Talks and Meditation, which is the core of the hotel's well-being. One of the 60-minute sessions available is the “sacred nap”.

Guests can snooze in an airy silk hammock suspended from the bamboo ceiling and listen to the sounds of nature and the Buddha's life story.

Hôtel de Crillon, Paris

The Hôtel de Crillon is one of the most popular hotels in Paris. The four-time Gold List winner and five-time Readers' Choice Award winner is housed in a magnificent building originally commissioned by Louis XV himself, but even by 2023 standards it reaches the highest levels of luxury.

In tandem with the Rosewood Hotel Group's Alchemy of Sleep program, launched in 2022, Hotel de Crillon pampers guests with a "Sleeping Beauty" suite containing accessories to aid a good night's sleep. From soothing messages, to meditation and personal counseling, this Parisian experience will fundamentally change the way you look at sleep.


Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, Champagne

Lovers of wine and well-being, the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa is the right address for you. The premium luxury wellness destination of Champagne, just 45 minutes from Paris, is the ultimate experience for gourmets and spa lovers alike. Last year, the hotel introduced the Royal Sleep Experience. This new wellness program is the result of a partnership with the French cosmetic brand AIME.

Guests receive AIME products that promote quality sleep, such as soothing essential oil sprays and melatonin-based drops that help restore skin overnight. Let's also mention the meditation box, satin face mask and candle massage.


Six Senses, Ibiza

At Six Senses Ibiza, a wellness-focused oasis of calm in Spain's Balearic archipelago, travelers can choose to book a sleep treatment that lasts from three to seven nights. The program is ideal for those who want to improve their sleep patterns; restore mood, memory and energy levels; reduce stress; or establish a better sleep routine.

Components include a consultation with a resident sleep doctor, general health check-up, yoga nidra, massages, yoga, pilates classes or personal training.

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