A mess in the apartment reveals your personality: scattered clothes are a sign of creativity

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According to Feng Shui, clutter in the house is one of the biggest triggers of negative energy and an unfavorable atmosphere. A tidy home is a home that is happier, full of energy, but clutter can cause nervousness, tension, a bad atmosphere.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on arranging the environment and creating balance and harmony in space. It is connected to Chinese philosophy and is based on the idea that our environment is closely connected with our inner world and that by properly organizing the space we can improve our lives.

It focuses on the arrangement of objects in the room, the use of colors, light, natural materials, cleaning and organizing the room and many other elements that help create positive energy and balance in the room. For example, some people believe that arranging a room according to Feng Shui can improve it sleep quality, reduces stress, improves relationships and increases productivity.

When some things in the home are full of clutter, it can also indicate certain characteristics and changes in some aspects of life.

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Find out how clutter in certain parts of the house reveals about energy and character.

Dirty windows

Window cleaning is many people's least favorite household chore. Windows represent the "eyes" of the house, a view of the world. Dirty windows that block light indicate a desire for solitude. Most likely, a person with dirty windows is closed and unsociable.

A dirty stove

A dirty stove indicates a lack of energy, fatigue and lack of time. This could be a sign that you need a break, that you are overwhelmed.

Dirty dining table and unwashed dishes

If there is an eternal mess on the dining table in the kitchen, this may indicate stagnation, that the space has lost its way and does not know how to proceed. It can also indicate a lack of motivation, purpose in life and enthusiasm.

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Unwashed dishes that often remain in the sink overnight can indicate a delay in solving problems that keep piling up.

Scattered clothes

Psychologists and experts in the field of bioenergetics believe that this kind of disorder is characteristic especially for those who are nostalgic, that is, they have too many things that they regret to throw away. It also indicates a person who lives fast, is creative, but does not have time for everything. He needs relaxation.

Old things to throw away

If there are many old, useless things in the home that need to be thrown away, this indicates an attachment to the past. Also, collecting things is related to the suppression of emotions and traumas, it can also be a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Consultation with an expert is important for such tendencies.

Clutter in the closet

Your external environment reflects your internal environment. So if you live in an environment that is cluttered, messy and stressful, what does that say about how you feel inside? A constantly untidy closet may indicate that a person holds on to some old, illusory beliefs about himself, hides certain emotions and knowledge, and is afraid to let go of them.

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If the mess is only in the bedroom

The bedroom is the most important place in every person's home. If there is a complete mess there, while everything else is relatively clean, it can mean that the person lacks self-confidence or is not satisfied enough with his love life.

Disorder in the workplace

A work surface with a pile of different pieces of paper and cups indicates a person's great creative potential, but also problems with organization and fear of deadlines.

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