The meaning of the most common dreams... do you know what they really mean?

The most common dream? Aren't dreams unique? Not really. We like to say that we feel like we are in a dream, or that something is like a dream, but dreams, despite their dreaminess, are not always so dreamlike. And they're also much more uniform than you'd expect, although everyone thinks theirs are offbeat, weird, and generally unique. If that were true, then how come we share so many dreams? Read the true meaning of the most common dreams so that you can make sense of them in real life.

Dreams, despite their uniqueness, are subject to patterns that we have all experienced. So what do they mean? the most common dream, which we have all dreamed of? Because, believe it or not, dreams have a purpose and, among other things, convey many of them to us useful information. In the following, we will decipher the most common ones and put them in context.

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What do we dream about most often and what does it mean?
What do we dream about most often and what does it mean?

Running away

The dream that someone is chasing us is most often found on our "night menu", which is a reflection of great stress, great responsibility and the burden we are currently carrying on our shoulders. In a dream, it looks like someone is chasing us, and we are running away from him. The message behind it is to try to slow down and relax a bit. But it is also a sign that you feel threatened - or by a person, but your hands may weigh you down. Try to identify who is chasing you and it will be easier to get rid of them.

Missed exam, writing test, school

Many times, when in real life we are faced with challenges that we are afraid of, we move to the school desks in our dreams and relive the agony of writing tests and asking questions. Another interpretation is that you feel that you are not up to the task or that you have taken a step back professionally or personally. A third interpretation is that you are being evaluated or judged by someone important, that you are under control, which is not to your liking. The same can be translated as failing the exam.

Sitting on the toilet bowl and naked

Do you ever dream of being in a situation similar to Riggan's in Birdman?
” Do you ever dream of being in a similar situation as Riggan in Birdman?

If a scene from the movie Birdman unfolds in your dream, when the protagonist's robe gets stuck between the doors, only that you are not even wearing underwear - or that it "snaps" on the shell, this is a sign that you are sensitive, or that feel exposed. It seems to you that your problems are "out there" like wet laundry on the street or that you are afraid that others will find out about your problems. It is also possible to understand this as the fact that you have a headache with solving a problem, that you need help, but that you are ashamed of it and therefore delay talking to someone who could help you with it. Well, Freud is a dream where we find ourselves naked, e.g. at work, exposed and red as a turkey with shame, interpreted as repressed sexual desires. As you can see, these dreams have many nuances, so the key is to ask yourself questions after them, such as how and what you exposed, how people reacted to it, how you reacted to their reactions, etc., and find out , which "shade" it is.

Unexpected cash inflows and outflows

In dreams, money is not banknotes and coins, but what is important to you in life, or what you value. An unexpected win in the lottery is a sign that the values in your life are getting the right weight, that you are aware of them and that you appreciate what you have. On the other hand, the loss of money means that certain values that you once diligently cherished have slipped out of your hands, or that you have become alienated from yourself. Find out what it is that you once valued deeply, but you have devalued, even though you may not (yet) admit it.


If a breakdown of your phone, car, household appliance, etc. plays a central role in your dream, do not expect that you will be stuck on the road on your way to work or that your battery will run out at the wrong moment. This type of dream suggests that something is creaking in your life, that something needs repair, or that you need to direct your attention to a specific thing. We can therefore interpret the malfunction of the phone as a way of communicating with others. Do you keep in touch with your friends? Who are you neglecting? To whom do you not give the words that deserve? If you can't pick a number from the directory or a "strike" signal, it could be a sign that you've lost touch with reality, or that you're missing someone. If a car lets you down in the middle of the road, this may be a sign of a wrong decision in life and a suggestion to stop and analyze what to do next.

Toothpaste commercial smile, crooked teeth and tooth loss

Dreams like to show their teeth.
Dreams like to show their teeth.

A tooth in a dream is a metaphor for maturity, time and stability, but also for courage, determination and firmness of personality. And the condition of your teeth is a direct reflection of how you feel about these things. But since we know that a smile has an extraordinary meaning in our lives, as it is part of the first impression, it can also mean the following. Missing teeth are fears that we are not attractive or that we are not attractive to a specific person. Well, teeth are not just an aesthetic addition to the mouth, so their lack can mean a loss of strength or a fear of aging. In the case of grinding your teeth, look for a vent with which you can release suppressed aggression.

Flying or falling

Although falling is rarely pleasant in real life, through dreams it signals that you are more aware of your emotions, thoughts and memories. But it can also be a hint that you need to do some digging and come to a certain realization. If you are "Superman" in your dream, it does not mean that you are saving the world, but that you are exploring your own consciousness, thoughts and patterns. But flying is also a trip into our spirituality, which suggests that we have contact with the spiritual world and beings such as angels, which are otherwise found in some other spheres. In all of this, it is also worth mentioning that the direction of flight is also important, as it indicates which part of yourself you are most concerned with at the moment.

You missed the bus, plane, train,…

If you are late for a meeting, if you miss the bus, then you are afraid of an important decision. That is, if dream interpreters are to be believed. It is actually a matter of frustration as well as a lack of time. Dreams with this theme suggest that you become more active where water flows down your throat. In the event that he disappears in a dream, e.g. plane, but you lack the motivation to climb the career ladder. So it's wise to, after you open your eyes, find what motivated you in the first place and reignite the spark and rekindle your dreams and give much-needed oxygen to your goals.

When the reaper sharpens the scythe and disease

If you dream that you or a loved one is dying or ill, you can expect major changes in the future, where certain people and things will no longer be relevant. Rarely does this actually predict death or illness. Therefore, before a possibly unnecessary visit to the doctor (which clearly does no harm), you should rather focus on psychological strength, because separation from a person or thing will probably be difficult and sad. But the subconscious, knocking on your conscience, actually wants to tell you to close this chapter and start writing a new story, where there will be no room for past "heroes".


Water in a dream can also be synonymous with real tears.
Water in a dream can also be synonymous with real tears.

Of course, even in our dreams we cannot pass water. If it plays a central role, it means that you are either itching for some emotional situation, or you are in an important emotional age. This can be positively or negatively charged, e.g. it can be a happy or unhappy love affair. If there are storms, hurricanes or other weather disasters involving water, this is a sign of a sensitive emotional period. On the other hand, the calm surface of a lake or a babbling brook means that you are either happily in love, that a pleasant love relationship is in store for you, or that you have positive emotions and that you are calm inside. And what to do when you wake up from such a dream? Indulge in daydreams and fantasies and devote time and space to inner feelings and emotions.

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