WonderCube - all mobile gadgets in a device the size of a keychain

The die is cast. Cables, readers, chargers,... stay at home. The WonderCube is all that, in the size of a keychain.

WonderCube is a cube-shaped device that has all the mobile gadgets that smartphone users need. Which may not be anything shocking until we find out it's a device the size of a keychain. Indeed, the WonderCube is a "Swiss Army Knife" that answers the challenges of time, which are no longer related to the challenges of bare survival, but to challenges such as charging the phone's battery, synchronizing data between devices, as well as how to collect funds on Indiegogo .

WonderCube is a miracle "MacGyver" cube, because everything is needed mobile devices compressed to the size of a key ring. Which it is, of course, along with everything else. That's it reader memory cards (up to 64 GB), USB key, power-connecting cable for charging of a smartphone and data synchronization with a computer (Lightning/Micro-USB cable), an "emergency" charger connected to a 9-volt battery, a stand for a mobile phone (attached to it with the help of a suction cup) and a mini LED lamp.

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Who would have thought that this cube contains all the mobile gadgets a user needs.
Who would have thought that this cube contains all the mobile gadgets a user needs.

Due to the compact, durable and moisture-resistant housing the WonderCube is easy and safe to carry, and in addition, it can always be within reach, which is difficult to say for all gadgets individually. It is available at Indiegogo.

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