What the type of music you like to listen to says about your personality

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Tell me what you listen to and I'll tell you who you are? The connection between the type of music we like and personality is not yet well researched, but there are results that show that they are at least somewhat related.

One study included more than 36,000 respondents worldwide, whose task was to rate 104 musical styles in relation to five personality traits and their favorite music.

The results showed that personalities and musical tastes are related, but that there are other factors as well.

These are some conclusions about who likes what kind of music.

Pop music

They are extroverted, honest and conventional people. Although they are hardworking and very confident, they are not as creative and relaxed as fans of other genres.

Rap and hip hop

They are listened to by people who also have high self-esteem and are quite open, despite the stereotype that fans of this music are aggressive, research has shown that this is not true.



They are generally hardworking, friendly and conservative. Although the themes of the songs are often associated with pain and broken hearts, people who listen to country music are generally emotionally stable.

Rock and heavy metal

Both genres of music are associated with anger and aggression. According to research, lovers of these genres are gentle, creative and withdrawn. They also have low self-esteem.



They are introverted, smart and creative, but less hardworking and gentle than fans of other genres. They are also characterized by passivity, anxiety and low self-esteem.

Dance music

It appeals to those who are generally sociable, confident and open to new experiences, but less tender than others.


Classical music

Classical music lovers turned out to be somewhat introverted, but satisfied with themselves. It turns out that they are creative and confident.

Jazz, blues and soul

They are extroverted, self-confident, and also very creative, intelligent, and satisfied with their lives.

This research also revealed that people often define themselves through their musical taste and bond with someone through it, so criticizing their musical taste can act as a criticism of themselves.

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