What to do if you locked your car keys in the car?

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Ugh, quite an embarrassing situation, but what to do if you locked your car keys in the car...

Wondering what to do if you locked your car keys in your car? Follow the next steps.

What to do if you locked your car keys in the car? Nowadays, this is less and less possible, as manufacturers have provided a series of technologies to prevent this. And yet. It can still happen to us. But do not despair, there are several ways to get out of this unpleasant situation. Whether you're at home or on the road, here are a few different solutions that can help you get back into your car. What to do if the keys are left in the car?

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One of the most popular methods is to use shoelaces. First, take a long piece of shoelace and wrap it around the top edge of your car door. Then form a loop and try to push the loop between the doors and pull the keys with the help of the shoelace.

Mobile phone and applications

If you have a mobile phone with you, you can try calling a roadside assistance service or your local mechanic who can help you open the door. In addition, there are also various apps that allow you to unlock your car through your smartphone if it is connected to a compatible car locking system.

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If you have a pair of pliers handy, you can use them to try to lift or pull the door handle while someone else tries to pull the keys. Be careful not to damage the paint or interior of the door.

A hair clip

A hair clip or paper clip can serve as a makeshift tool for unlocking car doors. Bend the clip into a hook shape, slide it between the window and the door seal, and try to pull the keys.

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Be careful not to damage your car when using any of these methods. If you are not sure whether you can unlock the door safely, it is best to wait for professional help to avoid possible damage. It is also important to keep a calm head and focus on finding a solution.

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