What to do when your ex-partner calls you?

Would you let him back into your life? Think twice, your heart has barely healed. Does love really conquer all?

An endless number of questions pop into your head. Are you wondering: "Why? What does that mean?"

You thought you would never hear from this person again. You have almost succeeded in erasing her from your mind and heart. But now it's here again. Why? Does he still love you?

Women sometimes leave marks on men's hearts without you even realizing it. When they realize this, they try to fill the void with other women, but fail. All they will be able to do then is tell them that they are sorry for what they have done and hope that they will accept them back into their hearts.

But if it's not like that, men often leave and come back without showing it no other signs, that they would like to renew the relationship. They don't bother to talk about what happened between you in the first place and why. They don't miss you as a partner.

So why would you want to go back? Likely they miss sex, they want to boost their ego, they don't want to be alone.

What should you do when your ex contacts you? Think about him, about your past relationship, in a rational way, now you are already without rose-colored glasses. Don't you think it's weird that he made contact without putting any effort into it? Just a few words. The word sorry means nothing if after it actions do not stand. You agree?

Regardless of why he wants it back, here's how to deal with it.

Maintain boundaries

If you were hurt by the breakup, don't open old wounds. His intentions are questionable; because there is a high possibility that he will hurt and manipulate you again.

Talk about past events and the present.
Talk about past events and the present.

Don't wait

Get on with your life. Stop thinking about your emotions. Complete the story. Don't destroy your current relationship if you're in one. If you've already started communicating with your ex and hoping for something that you know didn't work out the first time, your current relationship can end quickly.

Be persistent

Do your best. Be honest with yourself: Do you really believe that everything will be perfect if you let this person back into your life? Don't let someone play with your heart.

Be honest with yourself

Ask yourself what you want. Be open with him. Ask him a question:"Do you really want us to be together and do things differently than we did in the past?"

Remember, you don't have to be nice to him

As a rule, women want to be kind in their responses. This is not necessary! You have every right to firmly set boundaries and limits and not deviate from them. Tell him: "I don't want anything to do with you anymore. I went on, you go too." If he hurt you a lot, ignore him.

Remember why your relationship ended. Cheating? Emotional manipulation? Physical violence?

It might be coming back because you are he sincerely wants another chance? Some men and women only see their mistakes when it's too late or it's all over. They want another chance because they realize what went wrong and what they need to do to make your relationship work better. But it is your decision whether to let them back into your heart.

In any case think carefully. Don't let your emotions take you down a path you've already been on, a path of pain with no way out. Don't be someone's backup. Be his priority!

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