What your emojis really mean

Emojis are one of the languages of the Internet, which are more than a substitute or abbreviation of words, an expression of mood, emotions, situation, etc. Their symbolism is so simple, so "plebeian" that it leaves very little room for interpretation. But many emojis are no longer understood in their original meaning, so it's time to update your emoji dictionary in the manner of a computer and conquer new message values.

It is already the case that in the world nothing is as it seems and emojis were also found. Although their symbolic meaning is clear as day, certain ones, like words, have over time shaken off their original meaning, which is found in Emojipedia, and took over the other.

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Because after all, they are emojis expressive symbols and we know that even with the words of the expressive version, there are those "rebels" who changed their "name" but kept their "surname".

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