Which astrological signs often marry the wrong partner?

Katera astrološka znamenja se pogosto poročijo z napačnim partnerjem?
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Are you too busy and have forgotten what love even feels like? Is the person by your side the love of your life or just someone just so you're not alone?

Did you marry the wrong person because you are too busy with your daily life and not paying enough attention to your own needs and desires in a relationship?

Maybe because you have been hurt in the past and have problems with self-confidence and trust in your own decisions? Are you afraid that you won't find someone who will truly love you and settle for anyone who is interested in you, also for the sake of not being alone?

You may believe in a romantic idea of love, and because of that you don't see that something is wrong in the relationship?

Which astrological signs often marry the wrong partner?

Which of the astrological signs often "love" the wrong person?


Impulsivity leads this sign into wrong relationships and error. They immediately fall in love and get married without thinking about what the person next to them is like. They don't see the good and the bad sides of this relationship, only the perfection. And soon they realize their mistake and regret it for a long time.



Capricorns focus mainly on themselves and their careers, love relationships are on the back burner, so it is not surprising that they choose the wrong partner. They don't believe that finding the right person takes time, so they often make sudden moves and commit to a person who is far from being the right partner for them.

A virgin

Virgo often tries to meet the expectations of others and social standards, so she chooses a partner who is a good choice for her only according to other people's standards. This leads to conflict in a relationship that is doomed to failure.



They jump into a relationship without thinking. As long as the other person shows them the love and attention they crave, they will be happy in the relationship. But it doesn't last forever. When the more negative side of the relationship comes to the surface, they see it as their partner treating them badly.

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