These Astrological Signs Fall In Love With Money!

Whether you've always had a taste for the finer things in life or just want to feel financially secure, find out if you're one of the five astrological signs that love money.

In a world of 7.6 billion people, a soulmate may be the greatest reward of all. But for these five astrological signs, the greatest reward may be meeting a wealthy soulmate.

“Some signs are attracted to the magic of money,” astrologer Cindy Mckean told Bustle, adding: "While others are willing to risk whatever it takes to find true love." And it is for these five signs that money can help their hearts beat a little faster!


A Sagittarius can easily fall in love with money because they're fundamentally drawn to the adventure and excitement of getting something or someone out of reach, says Linda Furiate, astrologer and spiritual motivator. Sagittarius finds immense satisfaction in the grandeur of telling unheard stories, going to new places and learning new things. The love of money allows Sagittarians to travel to new places and new experiences, while at the same time weaving incredible stories at luxurious parties. Their desire for adventure drives them to always follow the money. A Sagittarius would be extremely happy to find love by chance, let alone get a lot of money for that love.


This earth sign is very practical, does not get excited about fantasies and dreams and is focused on achieving realistic goals. Capricorn will work tirelessly to make his dreams come true. While financial planning may not be the sexiest topic of conversation, this earth sign needs to feel financially secure before opening the door of their heart to another person. But when money meets love, Capricorn kills two birds with one stone!


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This water sign was born to fall in love with money. Magnetic and charming, Scorpio wants to reach the very top with all his might. His fierce competitive nature wants to win at any cost. A hypnotic allure allows this mysterious lover to win the heart of anyone who dares approach him. Although Scorpio is often incredibly secretive and self-confident, in reality most of the time he is concerned with winning. He'll be happy when he finds true love, and he'll be even happier if he wins some prizes, especially cash, in the process.


Taurus loves luxury. The tactile and sensual earth sign loves the finer things in life. A bull needs to be pampered and cared for, and it is especially easy to win him over with money. This is not surprising, given that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money. Taurus always wants to feel glorified, but also enjoys being showered with attention. When it comes to profit and financial gain in a romantic relationship, Taurus is willing to step out of their comfort zone. A Taurus has a great sense of finding a good partner, and once he catches one, it's game over and the Taurus becomes completely loyal.


Leo is very likely to fall in love with money. In addition to money, a Leo also loves attention and admiration, especially when he has an audience in front of him. Attention, risk, time and the ability to find true love are attractive to any Leo. He likes to be in love, but even in his life everything revolves around luxury. Once he finds a partner, he will long for constant lavish dinners, travel and high life. You can win over a Leo very easily with valuable gifts.

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