Which plant attracts money and abundance to your home! This is Crassula ovata!

With this plant to more well-being in the home!

Crassula ovata
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There is a plant that is famous for its mysterious ability to attract success and wealth. It is "Crassula ovata", which not only aesthetically enriches homes and business premises, but also symbolically attracts positive financial vibrations.

The money tree, scientifically named Crassula ovata, according to feng shui advocates, harmonizes the environment. Although it does not directly bring money or success, its presence is said to create a favorable environment for achieving personal and professional goals. This ancient Chinese practice teaches that the correct placement of objects in a room can influence the flow of chi energy, bringing balance and well-being.

Where to put the money tree in the home?!

Photo: envato elements
Here are some guidelines for setting up a money tree

  • Entrance area or lobby: Place a money tree - Crassula ovata - near the entrance of your home or office. According to feng shui, this is the area that symbolizes how energy enters your space. Here, the money tree can help "capture" the energy of abundance when it enters.
  • Southeast corner of the room: The southeast corner is considered the area of wealth in feng shui practice. Placing a money tree here can help increase abundance and financial success.
  • Office space: To bring more productivity and financial success to your work environment, place a money tree on your desk or near your office window. It is important that the plant gets enough light, as this contributes to its health and growth.
  • Area of wealth: In any home or room, you can use a bagua map to identify the area of wealth, which is usually located in the southeast corner. Placing a money tree (Crassula ovata) here can symbolically encourage the flow of wealth.

How to care for a money tree

The money tree is ideal for indoor spaces due to its robustness and minimal maintenance requirements. The plant needs bright, but not direct sunlight, so it is recommended to place it in a room with plenty of natural light, but protected from direct sunlight. Water it sparingly, about once every two weeks, with the key being that the soil dries out completely between waterings.

Cultural history and mythology

Photo: envato elements
The legend of the money tree originates from Chinese mythology, where a poor farmer is said to have discovered this unusual plant in his garden that grew overnight. This farmer is believed to have experienced a major turnaround in his financial situation shortly thereafter, cementing his position in the community. This story contributed to the understanding of the money tree as a symbol of happiness and abundance.

Money tree - Crassula ovata - in the modern home and office

In addition to being popular in domestic environments, the money tree is often used in business premises, where, in addition to its aesthetic appearance, it also contributes to the creation of a positive working atmosphere. Placing it in a main space, such as a living room or the main entrance of an office, is said to maximize its influence on the owners' financial happiness, according to feng shui.


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Whether you believe in its mystical properties or not, the money tree remains a popular choice for many who are looking for a green addition to their space or simply believe in the ancient wisdom surrounding this remarkable plant. With its shiny, fleshy foliage and easy maintenance, the money tree offers both beauty and symbolism, making it an indispensable fixture in many homes and offices.

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