When you want to send him a message, but you know it's a mistake...

"Love is not a bandage to cover wounds." - Hugh Elliot

Maybe you feel a strong desire to send him a message because it unexpectedly appeared in your social media feed, even though he is otherwise ignoring you.

Maybe you want to text him because it's late and you're feeling all alone. Some time ago they were going to sleep together and you miss his arm that was wrapped around you safely. Now you fall asleep alone and feel like you're the only person in the world still awake.

Or maybe you've had too much to drink and you've finally gotten to the point where your brain actually allows the thought of him. And with every sip, you're more convinced that tonight is the right time to tell him you miss him. Or that you are sad, that you hate him, or that you never want to see him again!

Maybe you didn't even have a relationship with him. Maybe he was just playing with you and you let him because he liked it too much to resist.

When you want to send him a message but you know it's a mistake...
When you want to send him a message, but you know it's a mistake...

No matter what, you want to send him a message right now. You want it so bad that it's all you can think about. Thoughts always pop into my head quickly and unexpectedly. And sometimes you react instinctively - you send a message. Even though you know you shouldn't do that.

Stop it. Whatever it was, it WAS, end of story.

There can be several reasons why you want to send him a message. You feel lonely, confused, lost. Remember - you are an adult and throughout your life you will experience a series of emotional ups and downs. Texting today, tomorrow, a week, or a month from now won't fix your emptiness. If you know deep down that he's not the one—that person who would love you no matter what—don't text him.

Don't let the message be just a band-aid, because it will never become a solution and the wound will only heal more slowly under it. Everything will fade sooner or later because he is NOT your person.

Your thoughts will continue to give you signals for a while to send a message, especially at night when you feel lonely or vulnerable. Remember that you are not alone, that countless people have already gone through the same thing. And they fought through, resisted their thoughts.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to text him. Sometimes you have to write the end of your story this way. But don't forget – this will delay the healing time your heart needs to go through before it's ready to open back up and love again.

Don't write to him. Because messages are just patches and what you're looking for is much more than that. Love is the embrace of two souls.

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