Why do we often change our hairstyle after breaking up with our partner?

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A few days after breaking up with your partner, recovering and facing a new reality, you firmly decide to do something with yourself and change your hairstyle. A haircut or a drastic change in hairstyle is a common emotional experience not only after the breakup of a love relationship, but also when closing and opening other important chapters in life. A change in hairstyle represents a rejection of old energy.

A change of hairstyle represents turning a new page and symbolizing the rejection of the old energy and breaking ties that keep us anchored in the past. At the same time, a haircut, i.e. a significant shortening of hair or a change in style, is much more common than a change in color. Psychologists say that a new haircut also brings psychological relief.

A hair makeover can be just what we need to transition from a relationship and life as a couple to operating independently, without another person by our side.
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A haircut is probably the most common hair change after a breakup, but a color change is also popular because it can be therapeutic. Hair extensions are probably the best and easiest way to make a change.

Why do we strive to change our hairstyle?

According to psychologists, it is the basis of the need for control. If we want to gain control over something, hair seems like the best choice, especially when we can't seem to control other areas of life. Hair is something we have complete autonomy over. We are probably more emotionally attached to our hair, so we can make changes hairstyles symbolize life changes.

Is this a good decision?

In general, changing your hairstyle after a breakup (or other major tectonic upheaval in your life) is a healthy way to easier entry into a new life period, but certainly not enough to achieve a 180 degree turn. But every woman should think why does he actually want to change in such a situation hairstyle. “You have to ask yourself, are you doing this for yourself or for someone else?

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