Why choose the Samsung EHS Mono R290 heat pump: a step towards an ecological future and a quieter home

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In today's world, where every step towards a greener and quieter future is important, the Samsung EHS Mono R290 heat pump represents a revolution in home heating. With the innovative solutions it brings, this pump not only sets new standards in the industry, but also answers the most common questions and dilemmas of modern consumers. Let's discover together why it is heat pump Samsung EHS Mono R290 the right choice for every home.

One of the main features that heat pump Samsung EHS Mono R290 what sets it apart from the competition is its refrigerant R290. With an extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3, this refrigerant represents a major step forward in the fight against climate change. A comparison with other refrigerants such as R32 and R410A, which have GWP values of 675 and 2088 respectively, highlights how much of a shift towards environmental responsibility this actually represents.

Silence and design that speak for themselves

The Samsung EHS Mono R290 pump also stands out with its almost inaudible operation. With a noise level of up to 35 dB(A) and a four-level silent operation mode, it allows your home to remain a peaceful haven without disturbing background noise. That's about as loud as the soft rustling of leaves. The external pump unit, designed with a double-layer sound insulation system, effectively blocks and absorbs noise that would otherwise be caused by compression parts and vibrations. This feature is especially important in urban environments, where silence is often valuable. That way, the neighbors won't be angry at your new acquisition either. In addition to its technical advantages, the heat pump Samsung EHS Mono R290 also brings aesthetic value. With a sleek and compact design in dark gray, this pump blends perfectly with the exterior of modern homes, whether it's a renovation project or a new build. Its outdoor unit is designed to complement the architectural style without disturbing the visual image of your home. By Samsung combining functionality with design, the EHS Mono R290 proves that heating technology can become part of your outdoor aesthetic, not just a hidden system in the background.

Flexibility and performance

The Samsung EHS Mono R290 heat pump is not only environmentally friendly and quiet, but also offers a wide range of capacities (5, 8, 12, 16 kW), which allows you to choose exactly the power that your home needs. The ability to provide high hot water temperatures of up to 75 °C means that the pump is also ideal for replacing traditional fossil fuel heating systems.

Smart connectivity for the modern home

Photo: Samsung

Pametna tehnologija je postala ključni del naših življenj, in Samsung EHS Mono R290 to popolnoma razume. Z integracijo s sistemom SmartThings lahko uporabniki spremljajo in optimizirajo porabo energije svoje toplotne črpalke, kar vodi k bolj učinkoviti in ekonomični uporabi. Poleg tega omogoča enostavno upravljanje in nadzor preko pametnih naprav, kar še dodatno izboljšuje uporabniško izkušnjo.

A game-changing heat pump

The Samsung EHS Mono R290 heat pump represents the future of home heating. By combining ecological responsibility, silent operation, adaptability and smart connectivity, it offers a solution that is both innovative and efficient. Whether you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint or simply want a quieter and more comfortable home, the Samsung EHS Mono R290 offers answers to the questions of modern living.

Discover more about how the Samsung EHS Mono R290 heat pump can improve your home and consider making the switch to greener and quieter heating today. Read more about the heat pump at this link.

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