Why people we once loved become strangers again

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It's interesting to think about how people who once meant everything to us suddenly become nothing. How we learn to forget. How we force ourselves to forget. And how time puts other people in our lives. Is it really that simple to delete from your life, the person who once meant everything to you?

How can they become strangers again? A stranger, as if they had never known each other. Is it really that simple to turn the person you loved into a stranger? A person who knew your everyday life, your mistakes, your vulnerability, your nakedness?

You are left with memories. There will always be those moments together. The memories left imprinted on the places you visited together and the things you said, all that remains.

Do you ever really forget all the first moments together, intimacy? Are your anniversaries becoming normal days of the year again? To the things you've done and the promises you've made? Are you ignoring them because there is simply no other choice?

Is it really that easy to forget? Photo: Ethan Sykes/Unsplash

Your mind tells you to continue living without them and forces your heart to follow suit. Is it really that easy?

I believe that when you love someone, you either love them forever or you never loved them at all.

Of course, a breakup creates wounds that you leave each other, sometimes deep, and you fear the risk of falling into them again.

I don't want to believe that shared moments are simply erased. You press the delete key and live on as if you didn't love someone yesterday, but today they no longer exist.

Everyone is the center of their own universe. If you collide with another, it can destroy you, change you, move you. Sometimes you come together as one, other times you break into thousands of pieces.

Will your universe ever again include the person who made a crack in your heart? Nobody knows. Will anyone fit the profile of the person you loved? I do not know.

Let go of the wrong people. Photo; Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

You find souls made of the same stuff as yours. You find partners, friends and feel like you could never be apart. You are waiting for another universe to collide with yours to change what you cannot do yourself.

Only after the storm do you realize that only it always calms down and that you see the stars differently. No one knows whose wreckage can create your pain and which will be made into love.

We all start out as strangers, and if possible, don't become strangers.

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