Winter break earlier next year: when is winter break 2023?

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The winter holidays usually start at the end of February, but they take place in different weeks for different regions. Next year, however, will be a little different: the Nordic World Championship will be held in Planica in January, so the winter school holidays will start earlier than usual. We inquired when the 2023 winter holidays are.

Winter school holidays, which are most enjoyed by schoolchildren who love skiing and sledding, usually start in second half of February. In the coming year, however, it will be slightly different: winter vacation 2023 they will already start for the first half of the country January 30th, and for another February 6. That's because Planica is hosting at that time world championship in Nordic disciplines, which schoolchildren and their families will also be happy to visit.

Winter holidays 2023 and Nordic World Championship Planica

World Championship in Nordic skiing will take place in 2023 between February 21 and March 5, and the proud hostess will be Slovenian Planica. This is precisely why the mayors of the surrounding towns advocated that the winter holidays be held a little longer earlier than usual and thus enabled fans of Nordic sports to watch the championship live.
"It would really be a shame if the potential that both the holidays and the championship bring would not exist took advantage of. In fact, for the duration of the championship, the facilities in Kranjska Gora are already sold out, and vacationing during this period would not be possible," said the general secretary of the Planica organizing committee. Tomaž Šusteršič.

In 2023, the world championship will be hosted by Planica Photo: Planica Nordic / Facebook

Which regions will go on vacation first?

The winter school holidays are usually divided into 2 weeks: during the first week, children from 1. half of the country, and in the second to those residing in the regions falling under 2. half of the country. It will be like this next year as well, but for now is not known, which regions will go on vacation first.
It is usually the case that under the first part of the country include residents Southeastern Slovenia, Carinthia, Podravska, Pomurska, Savinjska and Posavina region, under second and students from Gorenje, Goriške, Notranjsko-karst, Coastal-karst, Central Slovenia and Zasava region. Most likely, the distribution in the coming year will be the same, in short and we will also find out which part of the country will start the holidays first.

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