With this trick, the bouquet in the vase will stay fresh for more than 7 days

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Do you want the bouquet in the vase to last more than 7 days?

Bouquets in a vase are a beautiful addition to the home, but they tend to wilt after just a few days. Despite the fact that we are trying to exchange of water, by cutting the stems and adding nutrients, this is sometimes not enough to keep them fresh for a long time.

There is a trick that can help extend the shelf life flowers in a vase.

How to prolong the freshness of a bouquet in a vase?

The secret lies in the copper coins!

Copper coins in water can actually extend the life of flowers in a vase. This is the consequence antimicrobial properties of copper, which prevent the reproduction of bacteria in the water.

The secret lies in the copper coins. Photo: Pixabay

As the flowers absorb water through the stems, the water is released into the vase where the copper coins can act as natural antibiotic, which kills bacteria and keeps the water clean.

How to use copper coins to prolong the life of flowers in a vase?

It is best to use old copper coins, as they have a higher copper content. First, choose fresh cut flowers and place them in a vase of water. Make sure you are removed the leaves, which could come into contact with water, as they can cause decomposition.

Then add some copper coins to the vase. The amount of coins depends on the size of the vase and the amount of water, but it is usually recommended to add some coins to the bottom of the vase.

Let your flowers shine. Photo: Pixabay

Tips for using copper coins to prolong the life of flowers

The bigger the vase and the more water it holds, the more copper coins you may need to achieve the desired effect. If you notice that the water becomes cloudy quickly, it is recommended to change it regularly. Fresh water will help keep the flowers in the vase clean and fresh.

If you want to further extend the durability of flowers in a vase, you can put them in water you also add a little vinegar. Vinegar acts as a natural preservative and helps keep water clean and prevents bacterial growth. In addition to copper coins, you can also add other natural ingredients to the water, such as a pill aspirin or sugar, which can help extend the life of flowers in a vase.

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