Women's hairstyles that will take over the scene this spring (2024)

Discover the top trends for your hair

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This spring will be marked by a real revolution in the field of women's hairstyles. Forget simple and monotonous hairstyles; bold and playful changes are coming, promising plenty of fun and freshness. Discover which hairstyles will rule the streets and in the hearts of fashionistas this season. Let's look at spring 2024 hairstyles for women.

Spring 2024 brings a real palette of colors and styles when it comes to women's hairstyles. Both short and long hair appear among the leading trends, with a great emphasis on naturalness and lightness. Let's look at spring 2024 hairstyles for women.

Spring hairstyles for women that we never get tired of

Baroque bob

Inspired by the rich Baroque period, this version of the bob combines classic elegance with a modern twist. Rounded edges, full volume and maybe even a few curled strands are typical, reminiscent of the sophistication and luxury of the Baroque era. This version of the bob was popularized by Katy Perry.

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Birkin Bangs

Franže ala Jane Birkin, which reach just above the eyes, are chic and timeless. These messy yet elegant fringes complement both long and short hairstyles and add a touch of French charm to any look. She also wears this iconic hairstyle Alexa Chung.

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Short hairstyles with interesting textures

This trend is perfect for those who want to express their boldness and individuality. Hairstyles like a short bob or pixie, play with textures and layers to create a look full of character. We think of celebrities as it is Charlize Theron, who often impresses with the elegance of short, textured hairstyles. Such hairstyles are not only fashionable, but also extremely practical for hot days.

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Long wavy hair with a retro touch

This style brings 70s nostalgia with a modern twist. Long, soft wavy hair that can be seen on celebrities like her Jennifer Lopez, are perfect for a romantic evening out or a relaxed afternoon with friends. Wavy hair that falls naturally over the shoulders adds a sense of carefree and femininity.

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High ponytails and braids

This trend combines elegance and functionality, ideal for active days or spring adventures. The high ponytails she wears Ariana Grande, or intricate braids reminiscent of the styles she wears Hailey Bieber, offer variety and freshness. These hairstyles are great for revealing your face and highlighting your cheekbones.

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Natural curls and a 'beachy' look

This relaxed, easy-care look is perfect for long spring and summer days. Stars like that Blake Lively are synonymous with 'beachy' waves that look like you've just stepped off the beach. This look is ideal for those who want a natural yet neat hairstyle.

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Soft blond color

This soft blonde hairstyle exudes warmth and light, perfect for sunny days. This style is a soft, almost shiny blonde color complemented by gently tousled hair, creating a look of natural elegance and subtle glamour. This hairstyle embodies it Gwyneth Paltrow.

A long layered look

Long, layered cuts like she's wearing Jennifer Aniston, are ideal for adding texture and movement. Tso perfect for adding texture and movement to long hair. This look allows for a variety of styles from relaxed waves to sleek and straight hair, while maintaining length and adding volume where needed.

Photo: envato

Each of these hairstyles offers a unique way to express your personality and style during the warm months of the year. Whether you take a bold step with a short haircut or keep your natural length with wavy hair, Spring and Summer 2024 brings plenty of opportunities to experiment and have fun with your look.

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