Stikkan wood splitter - when chopping wood becomes an elegant task

Stikkan wood splitter

Chopping firewood is inseparably connected with the ax and the tnal. That's how it was until today. In the future, an ax and a chisel will no longer be indispensable tools at home if you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, because there is a great alternative - the Stikkan wood splitter, which offers a much more elegant and safe way of chopping or wood grafting

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Chopping wood it is considered rather crude, and above all a man's job. But the modern home can now be equipped with an elegant alternative, when even women will willingly put on a jacket and chop some firewood in front of the house's threshold or porch, and they will not log or cod always sent their men out. Contacted, cast iron toothed splitter, that is, enables chopping firewood without any effort, and you can also chop firewood in an extremely short time.

As opposed to chopping firewood the classic way, that is with ax and tnal, in this case you don't have to worry about getting hurt in the process, because grafting is far from being as dangerous a task as chopping, which can be people, unskilled ax wielders, force a dangerous task.

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Stikkan is an elegant alternative to the axe.
Stikkan is an elegant alternative to the axe.

Stikkan is simply mounted on solid vertical surfaces such as wall or beam, which act as leverage. Then place the wood on the toothed area and pull lever with a wedge, which tree elegant splits. And that's all art! For the time of non-use, the device has a special feature safeguard, which prevents anyone from doing anything with it.

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