WWDC 2014 - What will Apple present today?

WWDC is an annual event or meeting of developers from Apple, where most technological innovations are always presented. According to experts, this year is supposed to be one of the most exciting years, as a lot of new products are expected, the most anticipated of which is the iPhone 6, which is one of those new products that is the most speculative and improbable. According to some guesses, Apple is only supposed to show this in the fall. On the other hand, Apple is in a hurry with a new product because the competition in this area has already caught up and even overtaken it.

iOS 8, Mac OS X 10.10, Retina MacBook Air, the new Apple TV, the new iMac and Apple Smart Home are most likely the innovations that we will learn more about on Monday, June 2 at 7 p.m. CET, also with a 2-hour live broadcast presentations of innovations, as announced by Apple with the program.

You can watch the WWDC14 keynote presentation via this link:
WWDC LIVE / 10 am PDT on June 2

Apple Smart Home

One of the hottest speculations is that Apple is going to surprise and introduce a new segment – smart home, it reports Financial Times. Definitely one of the most interesting segments in the future. Can you imagine that your home detects that you are nearby and automatically unlocks the door, turns on the light, and warms the bed? The smart home is no longer science fiction, and Google stepped into this area some time ago, with the purchase of the Nest project.

iOS 8

iOS 8 - Confirmed!
iOS 8 - Confirmed!

Not speculation, but fact. Apple will update its operating system for mobile devices, but do not expect huge shifts and big changes here. Only slightly improved functionality is predicted. The last major revolutionary change happened last year with the introduction of iOS7.

OS X 10.10

The operating system intended for computers is supposed to change much more than the mobile operating system iOS 8. It is supposed to approach the look and feel of mobile devices, which only predicts a long-term fusion into one universal operating system. The reason is also the increasing number of applications that are made for both systems.

Retina MacBook Air

Apple currently does not offer its lightest laptop with a retina display. However, certain moves by the company indicate that this can happen right at WWDC14, since a few weeks ago Apple lowered the prices of the existing line of MacBook Air computers, which may indicate that it will introduce versions with retina screens.

New iMac

Experts conclude that something is happening with the iMac only based on the fact that several retailers are reporting delayed delivery dates for this device and low stocks, which should indicate that new models are already in production. One of the speculations also suggests the possibility of a lower price, just like the lower price announced for the MacBook Air.


The iWatch has been announced for quite some time, so much so that in the intervening period quite a bit of competition has emerged in the field of wearable technology. However, there are some doubts that it could appear this time, as certain indicators point to a much more likely presentation in the fall.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6?
iPhone 6?

Everyone would like to see it already in June, but it is more likely that it will be new iPhone presented in the autumn term. There will definitely be a bigger screen instead of 4 inches 4.7. The screen should extend from edge to edge of the device.

There is still a lot of speculation about new products. We have listed only those that are most likely or important. You can read more about the new Apple TV, a possible new Mac Mini, iPad Air 2 & iPad 6 and iPad mini 3,…… on the Internet.

There are a lot of announced innovations and speculations. Just like every year, we can mention that Apple is extremely enthusiastic about this year's innovations. Which makes us extremely impatient and looking forward to Monday's event.

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