Are you left handed? Only 15 % people in the world are left-handed and these are the reasons why they are so special

Are you one of those few percent of the world's population whose left hand is more dominant? Bless you for being such a special person.

Throughout human history, they have been left-handed were considered special persons, with which the system he did not behave well - not so long ago, in the 20th century, there was a belief that they were leftists evil, which originates from witchcraft. Even if there are only such individuals in the world 15 %.

Are you left handed?
Are you left handed?

theory, why some people prefer the left hand, is countless, including the idea that mothers who were stressed during pregnancy are to blame.

Research from the 1980s showed that it was the preference for left or right hand is determined before birth, that is, as early as the 13th week of pregnancy, an ultrasound can show which thumb the baby is sucking. A child should develop preferences for a certain hand due to the important role of the spinal cord, say scientists. When the brain sends a signal to move the shoulders and arms to the spinal cord, it is responsible for that it translates the signal into movement. According to the findings, the activity of the gene is supposed to be in the spinal cord asymmetrical in the uterus, which is supposed to cause that the child is born left-handed.

For years, scientists have also been trying to answer the question why are so few lefties born? and their solutions are diverse. V research, carried out last year, scientists found that the predisposition to right or left hand of a genetic nature. As they argue, the most important factor for an effective society is a high level of cooperation, which should influence it to be most people are right-wingers.

Why are lefties so special?
Why are lefties so special?

Even if left-handed people prefer the other hand than right-handed people, it is among them few neurological differences, scientists say, but there are some other properties, which make leftists "different".


1. From 10 to 15 % of the world's population are left-handed. Scientists believe that many more such people are born, but they become while learning to write right-wingers. The world is also right-handed and most left-handed he uses both hands.

2. Leftists have their own holiday, namely August 13 World Left-Handed Day. Are you celebrating it?

3. Although science says that there are no big differences between lefties and righties, some scientists have proven that leftists supposedly think a bit differently. Left-handed people are said to believe that good things are always on the left side, while everything bad is on the right side. And this should also affect the how we vote in political elections, namely the distribution of candidates on the list.

4. They are supposed to be lefties stronger and better athletes, when it comes to sports like tennis, boxing and baseball. The reason lies in the fact that lefties can easily adjust, even if they are faced with an "asymmetrical" game for which they are not prepared.

5. Many members of the royal family are lefties, namely Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William. Stars, who write with their left hand are Bill Gates, Ringo Starr, Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman….

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