Paying too much for Netflix?! Answer these questions and reduce your bill!

Your Netflix subscription may be too high!

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With increasing competition in the world of streaming services, Netflix is trying to retain its users with different subscription packages. The most expensive of these, the Premium plan, comes with the promise of ultimate viewing. But the question arises – is this plan really worth your hard earned money? Before you decide to upgrade or downsize, let's take a look at what the Premium plan has to offer and what benefits (or drawbacks) it can bring to your daily dose of entertainment.

What do you get with the Premium plan? The Premium plan not only offers access to an extensive catalog of series, movies and documentaries in 4K resolution, but also the ability to watch on four devices at the same time. This seems like the perfect choice for households with multiple family members or those with an appetite for high definition. But not everything is so simple.

Number of users vs. price: The first thing to consider is how many people are actually using your Netflix account. If your home is like a small movie theater where everyone has their own movie or series on the menu, the Premium plan could be cost effective. However, if you're a solo viewer or share an account with just one person, you may want to consider cheaper options. Regardless of the fact that 4k resolution is only possible on the premium package.

4K content – luxury or necessity? Yes, 4K content looks phenomenal – but only if you have a device that can support it. If your TV or monitor isn't 4K ready, the Premium plan won't do you much good. It's also important to note that not all content on Netflix is available in 4K, so it begs the question of how much you'll actually use the option. Especially if you watch most of the series on your smartphone. Then 4k is not recommended, let alone necessary.

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Internet speed: If you're thinking about watching content in 4K, your internet connection must be fast enough to support it, otherwise your marathon viewings will be interrupted by constant loading. Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 15 Mbps for 4K, which is not always available in every corner of the world.

Package prices for Europe: Prices for Netflix subscription packages may vary by country in Europe. They are usually structured like this:

  • Basic plan (Basic): Allows viewing on one device at a time in standard definition (SD). €4.99 / EU
  • Standard plan (Standard): Allows viewing on two devices simultaneously in high definition (HD). €7.99 / EU
  • Premium plan (Premium): Allows viewing on four devices at the same time in ultra high definition (4K UHD). €9.99 / EU

For exact prices in your country, we recommend visiting the official Netflix website, as prices may change over time and depend on the local market.

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Netflix Premium Plan could be cost-effective for true TV and movie fans who want to use every pixel of their 4K screens and share the bill with multiple household members. Before taking this step, consider your needs, your device's capabilities, and your internet speed. You may find that less is more—both for your home budget and your viewing experience.

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