Are you looking for meaning in life? Only these two things are important

Every person has found themselves at some point in their life when they did not know what the meaning of their life was. If you are struggling right now, imagine yourself in these two situations and you will find the answer.

Many dream of being the rich, because they are sure that in this way they can find meaning in life, which money should enable them to do everything that they cannot do without it. And what would happen if you got a million euros right now?

A million euros

A million euros.
A million euros.

Although this life situation seems impossible, is not meaningless. If there is one thing in the world, for which they would refuse a million euros, then this is your passion, to which you can dedicate your life.

If your passion is football, and someone offers you a million euros to never do things related to football (watching matches, playing, reading) and you refuse the offer, then this is your passion. This example may seem absurd, but some people are truly committed to certain things that they love and commit to for the rest of their lives

If you start thinking about what you can buy for that money, you are began to question their beliefs.

The day before death

The day before death.
The day before death.

The idea of the day before death may be, but one day you too will no longer be in this world. Imagine the following situation - you have received a doctor's certificate stating that you have an illness that will soon kill you. This is the moment when you get in your head unfolds your entire life and you begin to wonder what you would do in the last days before going to another world.

Why not these things dedicate your life now, when you have much more time and energy?

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