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What changes has fashion week brought to the city? Fashion week has done a lot in the field of fashion development in Serbia. Above all, the organizational infrastructure was developed, which ensured that the range of services...

What changes has fashion week brought to the city?

Fashion week has done a lot in the field of fashion development in Serbia. Above all, the organizational infrastructure was developed, which ensured that the range of services was larger, broader and more interesting. We are the only event of this kind on such a scale in the area of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Fashion is a great way to build the improved image of Serbia that it acquired in the nineties. Fashion Week provides a flow of information to people who are involved in fashion on a professional level and to those who are fans of fashion and all things beautiful.


How will this year's fashion week be different from the previous ones?

This week is the jubilee week, the twenty-fifth in a row, so the red thread of the events will be silver. Our standard collaborators will present themselves: Bata Spasojević, Tamara Radivojević, the Proković sisters, Nataša Šarić, ..., designers who will also present their creations in Paris. Adidas will present a special collection, because only a few days after the end of the fashion week, the ATP tournament will be organized for the first time in Belgrade. A bond will be established between BFW (Belgrade Fashion Week) and tennis, the pride of Serbian sport. There will also be no shortage of commercial magazines of domestic and foreign brands. In this way, we will get a realistic picture of the Belgrade fashion scene. We also open the door to the world of fashion to young designers.


What does a young designer need to be offered the opportunity to present at BFW?

Must be creative, serious and professional. We want to force young people to think seriously about the fashion business. Part of this is, of course, their personal marketing, as they need to find a sponsor for their work. We help them with this. We want them to understand how important funding is for healthy and realistic thinking about the world of fashion.


What do you think will be the trends for spring 2009?

I leave that to the designers. Last year I became a professor at the French school of Moda Art in Belgrade. I teach the subject of research methodology, which helps students find inspiration for the realization of a collection based on eternal trends and not on one-day fads. I suggest visiting the site for fashion lovers who want to be informed about the latest trends www.style.com. I myself am an initiator of style ahead of the trend. I want people to find their own fashion style and cherish it. They can complement it with some elements of trends, but they must remain true to their style. Style definition is more important than trendiness.


You are involved in charity projects. Can we expect a charitable note on the BFW catwalks as well?

Every fashion week has a charity campaign, carried out in cooperation with various institutions. These are usually ministries of social affairs, Jazas - an organization to fight the AIDS virus, organizations that fight breast cancer or cervical cancer. Serbia is at the very top of the mortality rate for women in Europe for the latter two. In April, we are preparing a fashion show in cooperation with Katarina Rebrača's charity fund, which fights against breast cancer.


Do you particularly remember any of the previous magazines?

A very difficult question for the organizer; like asking parents which child they prefer. During the thirteen years of organizing this event, certain magazines stood out. Costum Nacional magazine by Mauricio Galante, who used two thousand candles for the scenography. For the twentieth BFW, the fashion show took place in complete silence to the sounds of a choir. Magazines that took place in interesting places, such as a public bathroom, we showed Glamor Magazine in the garage... But I always insist that fashion comes first and dominates regardless of other things that accompany it.


Which event do we simply have to show up to this year?

The opening and closing fashion week shows are always interesting, as they are carefully selected. They are always something special, because we pay special attention to them. An additional attraction of the fashion week is definitely the parties that accompany the events during the entire week. My favorite club is Plastic, where we often organize parties. We often take our guests from abroad to excellent restaurants. The Kalemegdan terrace with a great view, Imadera - a Belgrade cafe in a new spirit, Kod Daće with an interior typical of the Serbian countryside... The first store with the SuperMarket concept, where I take care of the Fashion Lounge and where we can buy designer clothes from ten renowned Serbian designers, will be one of central locations of this fashion week. Belgrade has many great locations for entertainment.






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