Zuckerberg and Meta: We will build artificial intelligence into every product we make

Meta is firmly at the forefront of the artificial intelligence competition

Photo: Jan Macarol / Midjourney

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just the domain of science fiction. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, revealed at a recent meeting with employees that the company plans to build artificial intelligence into every product it makes. It predicts major shifts in the field of generative artificial intelligence, which enables the creation of conversations and visual content based on written instructions.

"Last year we witnessed incredible shifts, qualitative shifts, in generative artificial intelligence. This gives us the opportunity to take this technology, push it forward and build it into every one of our products. We will play an important and unique role in the industry by bringing these capabilities to billions of people in new ways that others will not.” Zuckerberg said.

Management Meta shared details on the integration of generative models UI to metaspace, Meta's virtual world initiative. Artificial intelligence could help create 3D visuals for the metaverse. Employees were given access to internal tools for generative UI to develop prototypes, and a hackathon was also organized to present UI projects.

Photo: Jan Macarol / Midjourney

Between plans Meta is also the launch of a service on Instagram that will allow users to modify photos with text queries and share them via Stories. They also plan to improve Messenger and WhatsApp services by including sophisticated AI-powered chatbots for entertainment.

When it comes to AI research, Meta emphasizes its commitment to sharing open source code with the community. Still, they did not directly address the senators' concerns by Richard Blumenthal and Josh Hawley regarding possible misuse of Meta's language model LLAMA.

V Meta they remain committed to the vision artificial intelligence, which will shape the future, but at the same time they will be careful not to cross ethical boundaries. Because as the saying goes: "Technology is like a saw, you can cut wood with it or cut off your arm." It's a nice reminder that how we use the tool matters.

Research and development in artificial intelligence they continue, with Meta at the head industhree. With the technology entering new spheres of utility, from improving the user experience on social media to creating new 3D visuals for the metaverse, the possibilities are practically endless. Conversations about the potential misuse and ethics of using AI are necessary, however, and it's right that companies like Meta are facing the questions and concerns raised by regulators and the public.

Despite potential concerns, however, it is clear that artificial intelligence is here to stay, and its influence will only continue to grow. If directed and used responsibly, it could bring incredible benefits to society. However, a balance between technological progress and ethical concerns must be maintained at all times. Mark Zuckerberg and Meta they clearly believe that artificial intelligence can bring a positive impact to the world - and they are determined to prove it.

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