10+ best robot vacuum cleaners 2022 and how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?!

Robot vacuum cleaners are your best friends!

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Robotic vacuum cleaner! Why clean yourself when a robot can do the job for you? That is why robotic vacuum cleaners are Slovenian men's best friends. In this write-up, we explain the current state of the technology, give useful tips, and present in more detail the most exciting models of robotic vacuum cleaners for different requirements and needs! Robot vacuum cleaners for every home!

Buying a cleaning robot or robotic vacuum cleaner is quite a stressful task. We are faced with a mass of data that we do not understand. That's why we've prepared a detailed write-up that you should read before buying a cleaning robot to understand what it offers you and what it's best suited for.

Cleaning robots have been booming for several years now. No wonder, because practical assistants have developed tremendously in a very short time. They save a lot of time. While the first models wandered clumsily and chaotically around the apartment, current vacuum cleaners - robotic vacuum cleaners - and floor-mopping robots move extremely precisely and systematically even in complete darkness thanks to laser technology. Specially advanced devices not only vacuum and wipe the floor, but also map the space to the smallest detail, recognize sensitive objects and people in the room, listen to your every word, and finally empty the dirt automatically via the suction station.

Buying a vacuum cleaner is stressful. You are faced with a lot of "data" that you cannot compare. That's why we wrote this write-up. Photo: envato

But as is often the case, the purchase should be carefully considered. Various consumer protection organizations, which often test devices, have found in comparative tests that there is still no universal model that would be the best choice for all categories and spaces. So here you have to do a certain amount of preparatory work and education yourself in order to find the perfect model for your apartment and your own requirements.

That is why we have prepared an article where we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of different types of "navigation" of robot vacuum cleaners, discuss the important purchase criteria and, of course, also present in more detail what we think are the best robots for vacuuming and mopping floors at the moment on the big global market. the market.

  • What will we try to answer?!
    What is the best robot vacuum cleaner?
    What should we pay attention to when buying and what information is important?
    What kind of robot vacuum cleaner do you need based on your needs?
How do suction robots orient themselves?! Photo: envato

How cleaning robots orient themselves - differences in approaches

The first step to the perfect robot for vacuuming and mopping floors is choosing the basic type of navigation. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which we want to reveal to you.

The Chaos Principle is the simplest navigation technique. Here, the cleaning robot drives straight into the room until it encounters an obstacle, and then simply drives in another direction that is not blocked. It does this until the battery is almost dead. The infrared signal then guides it back to base, which shouldn't be too far away. Ideal for individual rooms and usually especially cheap.

Systematic cleaning starts with gyro navigation, as the robot can record the rotation of the wheels with the help of a gyro sensor - and thus determine where it is at a given moment and where it has already been. Cleaning is accordingly faster and more thorough than according to the principle of chaos. However, if the wheels spin unintentionally, for example due to an edge that is too high, the robot vacuum can lose its position.

Best robot vacuum cleaners 2020: Let others do the work for you

Z camera navigation the ceiling is photographed to identify the exact floor plan of the apartment. This enables more reliable orientation than gyronavigation and detailed mapping. In attic apartments with very sloping ceilings and poor light conditions, problems could arise here as well.

Laser navigation it is currently the most advanced and works even in complete darkness. Rooms can be measured with extreme precision, largely avoiding collisions with furniture and creating highly detailed maps. The app can then define exact no-go areas or virtual walls. The disadvantages are not only the relatively high price, but also the higher construction, since the laser tower is dominantly attached to the top of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Shopping list - or how to recognize a good robotic cleaner - robotic vacuum cleaner

Once you've decided on the type of navigation, let's get down to the details. We have collected for you some important information and tips that you should consider before buying a floor vacuuming and mopping robot.

  • Suction power is always indicated in Pascals (Pa). Good values start around 2000 Pa.
  • The noise level of vacuum robots should be an important criterion when purchasing. Powerful suction models in particular can be as loud as a lawnmower at 80 decibels – and that's bad for your health in the long run!
  • High door sills are a problem for many robot vacuums and floor mops. A height difference of no more than two centimeters is often the limit. Manufacturers usually don't even mention climbing ability. When in doubt – or in an emergency – doorstep ramps like the custom-made ones from HelpYourRobot, specifically for cleaning robots, come to the rescue.
  • Carpet, hard floor – or both? Many robots specialize in one type of soil. Particular attention should be paid to hybrid devices that can vacuum and clean: they are often only intended for cleaning hard floors and specifically avoid carpets. If you want the device to handle both types of soil, you need to pay special attention to this.
  • Robots with a wiping function show big differences in cleaning quality. Inexpensive models often only pull a damp cloth behind them with little pressure. If you want to wipe more efficiently, pay attention to devices with a vibrating plate or rotating wiper blades. The spray function to absorb stubborn dirt is especially useful for spot cleaning.
  • Measure your apartment: What good is the most capable cleaning robot at home if it can't get under the bed, sofa or closet and you have to do it yourself every time? In particular, laser navigation devices are relatively tall due to the tower structure. Here, you should definitely look closely at the exact dimensions and compare them to the dimensions of your furniture.
  • Further costs of cleaning robots are often hidden by manufacturers. Here's where a little advance research can pay off: How much do typical consumables like microfiber cloths, rollers, brush heads, and HEPA filters cost? If you don't learn more here, you will quickly end up paying well over 150 euros per year.
    Spare parts can be expensive. Check basic components such as brushes and their prices. Photo: envato
  • With suction station or without? This is a question of luxury, as the price of a vacuum cleaner rises between 200 and 400 euros. In return, the suction station "swallows" dust and garbage for a period of three months.
  • Expensive does not automatically mean good: as mentioned at the beginning, a lot has happened technically in recent years. This means that the old high-end model could already prevail in important disciplines with the new mid-range devices. So the general rule is: give preference to the latest models, especially in the middle and upper class. Most of our product recommendations below are currently the most current and fairly new to the market.

The best robot vacuums 2022

In this record, based on many tests, various organizations for quality control, we have selected those devices that will not disappoint you, or that they do their job correctly and in accordance with their price. We have also classified them by brand, so that you can find your way around and get to know their offer more easily. We have chosen the German Amazon as the provider and the purchase option, which enables a quick purchase and even faster delivery. As a rule, the robot vacuum cleaner arrives in Slovenia in less than two days. At the same time, companies can purchase products on Amazon.de without VAT. This also applies to robotic vacuum cleaners.

Purchases without VAT on Amazon

Slovenian legal entities - liable for VAT they can shop on Amazon.de without VAT - value added tax! If your company registers as a business user on Amazon.de. Registration is quick and easy! With it, you get special business discounts!


Samsung vacuum cleaners

Samsung AI+ with its top model Jet Botravno is the choice for all those who do not make compromises. They include an automatic suction station, precise navigation via a LiDAR sensor and a multi-stage filtration system that can remove up to 99.99 percent of fine dust from the inhaled air – every allergy sufferer will be happy! However, Samsung has put the greatest care into object recognition supported by AI, which can recognize even small objects such as cables with a height of only one centimeter through the 3D depth camera on the front. If you want, you can also send the robot into action without having to clear the floor first. In addition, objects are classified: an object classified as fragile, such as a vase, is then more generously bypassed. Very, very clever and cunning.

The best robot vacuum cleaners of 2019: for a crystal-clean home

Reduced by 934.00 EUR
Samsung Jet Bot AI+ VR50T95735W/WA Vacuum cleaner, 30 W...
Samsung Jet Bot AI+ VR50T95735W/WA Vacuum cleaner, 30 W...
3D Sensor: Räume werden precise geskannt um selbst kleine Hindernisse zu erkennen; LiDAR Sensor:...
EUR 1,599.00 - EUR 934.00 EUR 665.00

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Zaco vacuum cleaners

The Zaco V6 robot vacuum cleaner and floor mop with gyroscopic navigation relies on 2,000 Pa of powerful direct suction, which offers a huge advantage when picking up (animal) hair. Most cleaning robots work with a brush roller, in which long hairs are quickly and stubbornly caught and must be removed regularly. This is not only unhygienic but also annoying. The V6, which was designed for hard ground, does not have this problem. Meanwhile, the Zaco A10 hybrid with modern laser navigation can vacuum or wipe by inserting the appropriate module, but not both at the same time. This is somewhat time-consuming, but it also has advantages: the device can be better adapted to the type of floor with generous spacious containers and, for example, it does not wet the carpets when vacuuming (up to 2,000 Pa). In wiping mode, on the other hand, the robot is much quieter and has a flashing wiping plate feature that is quite new and therefore found mainly in higher price ranges. Zaco vacuum cleaners are extremely popular on the demanding German market.

Reduced by 30.00 EUR
Reduced by 130.99 EUR
ZACO A10 Vacuum cleaner with Wischfunktion &...
ZACO A10 Vacuum cleaner with Wischfunktion &...
EUR 429.99 - EUR 130.99 EUR 299.00

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Roborock vacuum cleaners

A company that has been increasingly coming to the fore in recent times and is becoming one of the leaders with an extremely wide range of products. A really good story begins with the Roborock S6 Vmax model, which has a suction power of 2,500 Pa. Wiping function with special control of water quantity for a room to wipe a surface of up to 200 m² (300 ml tank). Laser Distance Sensors (LDS) and dual AI camera for 360° coverage and obstacle clearance from 5 x 3.0 cm (W x H). 13 Laser Distance Sensors (LDS) for 360° coverage. Intelligent route planning with real-time room maps and selective individual room planning with virtual suction and wipe lock zones. The latest member of the Roborock family is called the S7 MaxV Ultra, and it presents itself as a fully autonomous, high-end flagship robot vacuum cleaner that you don't have to worry about for quite some time. The reason for this is the extremely advanced base station, which not only drains and cleans the hybrid robot with laser navigation and a suction power of up to 5,100 Pa, but can also supply it with fresh water for a mopping area of up to 300 square meters. Obstacle detection, such as pet excrement, cables or socks, is also top-notch. In addition, the automatic recognition of carpets in which the mop is raised is a real rarity. Of course, it has a slightly better version that can do a few more tricks.

Roborock vacuum cleaners are strongly associated with the global Xiaomi brand and thus their "brothers", also in terms of technology.

Reduced by 42.80 EUR
roborock S6 MaxV Saug- und Wischroboter mit...
roborock S6 MaxV Saug- und Wischroboter mit...
Saugfunktion mit einer ultrahohen Saugleistung von 2,500 Pa; 13 Laser Distance Sensors (LDS) for...
EUR 599.00 - EUR 42.80 EUR 556.20
Reduced by 200.00 EUR
roborock S7 MaxV Plus Saug- & Wischroboter mit...
roborock S7 MaxV Plus Saug- & Wischroboter mit...
reddot Design Award Winner 2022; Steuerbar per Smartphone & Sprachaassisten (with Alexa)
EUR 799.00 - EUR 200.00 EUR 599.00
Reduced by 134.00 EUR
roborock S7 MaxV Plus Saug- & Wischroboter mit...
roborock S7 MaxV Plus Saug- & Wischroboter mit...
Komfortabel dans automatisch selbstständiges Entleeren des Staubbehälter; Steuerbar per...
EUR 998.00 - EUR 134.00 EUR 864.00

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iRobot vacuum cleaners

The iRobot Braava jet m6 with camera navigation has been around for a while. Since it belongs to the rare category of clean floor mopping robots and has correspondingly strong features, it can still be ranked among the best models in this field without embarrassment. One of its strengths is its square shape, which allows it to get into corners. The wiping cloth also covers the entire width. Of course, iRobot offers a bunch of other models that do the job perfectly. For example, the iRobot Roomba i7 meets most expectations for reasonable money. And somehow

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Xiaomi vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners that are often rated excellent are Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners. That's also why we're highlighting some models that, especially in recent times, have raised dust and, of course, vacuumed it up. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is already the first such model that impresses with a price of just over 300 euros. Enables intelligent route planning, enables several washing methods depending on floor type, automatically detects another room. The optimal suction power is 2100 Pa, and the battery has 3200 mAh for an area of up to 180 m². With the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner XCLEA H30 Plus, you can also upgrade the case with an emptying station. But the price is still not excessive.

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Purchases without VAT on Amazon

Slovenian legal entities - liable for VAT they can shop on Amazon.de without VAT - value added tax! If your company registers as a business user on Amazon.de. Registration is quick and easy! With it, you get special business discounts!


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