10 extremely powerful habits that will help you become the best version of yourself!

Completely eliminate toxic things from your life and introduce these powerful habits that a successful entrepreneur has developed in himself for 33 years.

Nelson Wang is an experienced entrepreneur who has created two successful companies, four top 100 mobile apps and written a bestseller in his career The Resume is Dead. Let's see what he thinks they are powerful habits that can help you become the best version of you!


Do it every morning a list of the three most important things to do during the day. Instead of spending your time writing a long list of tasks that await you, choose the three most important things that you need to do in a given day. This will require you to think carefully about your priorities, and this will allow you to devote your time and energy to what is really important.

Every morning, make a list of the three most important things you need to do during the day.
Every morning, make a list of the three most important things you need to do during the day.

The ten-year test

When you make mistakes, at that moment everything seems unsolvable and you look for the culprits. A few days later, you realize that you don't remember the problem at all. The time you spent blaming yourself and others could have been spent on something more constructive. When you find yourself in various situations, instead of stressing yourself or blaming yourself or others for the confusion, ask yourself, how this problem will affect you. Will it matter in 10 days, 10 months, 10 years? Probably not. Don't live in the past or the future, focus on the present instead.

Learn one new thing a day

Whatever, so be it one word in a foreign language, an interesting scientific fact or life advice from more experienced entrepreneurs. Encourage yourself to grow personally every day.

Get inspired

Check out motivational speakers on YouTube. Every day if you want to learn something new. Leaders, online motivators, discuss new insights and perspectives on different situations, which can bring you new knowledge and many other interesting things.

Check messages

You receive a lot of different messages during the day, which is annoying for many people. Instead of reading each one individually, them check every three hours. If there is something urgent, you will be contacted by phone anyway.

Drink a green drink every morning

It's quick, simple and healthy. That is a good way to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day.

Exercise every morning

It will change how you feel and raised motivation for a better working day.

Drink a green drink every morning.
Drink a green drink every morning.

Be grateful

You are every morning say three things you are grateful for. You will be happier. You can also write them down on sticky notes and stick them on your computer or put them in a gratitude jar. Whenever you feel like you need something to lift you up in your day, look at the note and read it.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good

Remove toxic people, relationships from your life, they don't belong to you. Money has its value, but still, time is much more important. Spend it on the right things, your family, friends.

Write down ideas and test them

A person comes up with many ideas in life, but realizes only a handful. If you will wrote down chances are you won't forget them. Test ideas to see if they would work in reality. Not every great idea turns into a success. You may need a hundred or more to get a decent result. You must understand that it is not the end of the world if you fail. Don't give up. Start again. Believe in yourself!

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