10 proofs that women are better drivers than men

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There is a widespread misconception that men are better drivers than women. If we ask science, we will get a very clear answer. Judging by the number of traffic accidents, as well as the penalties, women are much more responsible, careful and better drivers than men.

The Internet is full of comical cases in which a woman does not know how to park a car, change a tire or notice a car breakdown in time. Research tells us that these are not parameters by which to judge the quality of someone's driving. In terms of security, they are women beat by a large margin men. A study conducted by the company Injury Prevention says that women are 12 times better drivers than men. The most important thing, in the research, were the risks triggered by traffic behavior. Drivers like that they understand traffic better, have a better sense of risk, use child seats more often, are more serious, are less likely to get angry while driving and are less likely to question the limitations of their car.


1. Men think they “own the road”

Many aggressive behaviors, which men show while driving, confirm the view that "the road is theirs." Neglect of other drivers leads to traffic accidents and more deaths. Women have a different attitude - they accept the concept of "sharing the road", which they see as a living organism to which they must adapt. They are also not prone to the possessive attitude that they have to be good drivers.

2. Maternal instinct makes women better drivers

Research says that 80 percent of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists are caused by men. Most people will agree that women they give birth with maternal instinct, which makes them more aware of responsibility. Women have a natural tendency to protect the people around them, not just their child. According to research, the least number of accidents are caused by mothers.


3. Distraction

Although this claim seems incredible at first glance, as many as 29 percent of men admitted that their eyes can be distracting while driving a woman in a summer dress. Some of them did not see the red light on the traffic light, and some experienced minor traffic accidents.

4. Women have fewer traffic accidents

Although men often say that their driving is "finer" and more accurate, the statistics tell us otherwise. Research has shown that men have a "feel for their car" advantage because they own more the courage to test the limits your tin pet. Women, on the other hand, are more uncertain and therefore more cautious when driving. The study says that because of this, men cause 30 percent more traffic accidents than women.


5. Women have a larger attention span

Although there are many ways to use a cell phone safely in the car today, men still receive more fines for these types of offenses on average. Women should use mobile devices less while driving, as estrogen gives them longer attention span, so that they can better focus on road conditions.

6. Women are better at learning and obeying the rules

This fact is also attributed to the female hormone estrogen. Women have a natural tendency to accept information and compliance with the rules, so we can say that this makes them safer and better drivers. The same survey showed that women know more traffic rules than men. As many as 40 percent of men admitted that "some traffic signs are considered meaningless and unnecessary", and their attitude in traffic also stems from this attitude.


7. Women drive at a later age than men

The fact that women tend to outlive men is well known. One of the reasons highlighted by the New England Centenarian Study at the University of Boston is the so-called "testosterone storm", which occurs in teenage days and which, among other things, also affects driving.

8. Women have fewer deaths in traffic accidents

According to the Institute for Road Safety, male drivers are more often involved in traffic accidents with a fatal outcome. Aggressive driving habits are at the heart of this phenomenon. The same study found that the risk of road death decreases with age, but statistics show that women are at an advantage even in old age.

9. Women use seat belts more often

Although wearing a seat belt is not necessarily a sign of driving ability, this habit suggests a more conscientious approach to driving a motor vehicle. 19 percent of men admitted that they rarely use a seat belt. More than 20 percent admitted that they only wear a seat belt if they see police officers nearby. On the other hand, you women are almost always fasten their seat belts, but they do this not to avoid punishment, but to feel safe.

10. Men drink alcohol and drive more often

Drinking and driving is one of the most common causes of death on the roads. Men are more likely to be drink drivers, study says. This concept could be associated with a sense of power and control and "owning the roads". Many men think that it is impossible to their attention dropped, because they have had a few drinks and that driving is as natural as walking, for example.

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